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You pick the material and size; we provide a beautiful table in a Danish oval shape. Make it happen at Table du Sud! Discover everything about this trendy shape that’s slightly different from a 'normal' oval dining table.


What is Danish oval?
A very solid Danish table made of super strong wood with which you could build a Viking ship, right? All kidding aside. If you take a look at these photos, you’ll notice that Danish oval looks different from standard oval tables, but what exactly is the difference? We are happy to take you to the world of Danish oval. First of all, the basics are the same. The tabletop is at its widest in the middlewhich is also the width mentioned in the measurements. Now, whereas a normal oval table ends in a pointed shape, the Danish oval table almost ends in a rectangular angle! This is the big difference between the two, as well as the biggest advantage of Danish oval, as you can easily add an extra chair to both sides. This way you can really use your space efficiently; ideal if you have children! In conclusion: a striking shape to create a completely new look. Extra tip: Danish oval can be a great addition to your Scandinavian style.


Danish oval, but which material?
During your search for your new table you got excited about Danish oval. We get that! But now you have to pick your material… Fortunately, you’ll find many options, meaning there’s always one that exactly meets your wishes. For example, you have decided on a black  Danish oval table, but you’re still unsure about the material? That’s no problem! We are happy to show you the possibilities.



New oak, lived oak or refined oak. An oval oak table with a touch that makes you happy. Discover the different models and be inspired by the possibilities.



Can you imagine yourself sitting at a table made of the finest American walnut? At Table du Sud we like to realise that fantasy. Take a look at all walnut dining tables, opt for Danish oval and put your dream table in your home.



Is marble completely to your taste, but are you also aiming for the best possible user-friendliness? Then we have the solution for you: ceramics!



A luxurious look made from sustainable material. Marble has been at the top for centuries and will stay there for the time to come!



A Danish oval table with a modern pattern? Choose herringbone! This pattern is extremely popular for floors, but it is really, really special on your table.



With Fenix, you are opting for an innovative sheet material that fits perfectly in a modern interior because of its matt, even appearance. Let’s go modern? Let’s go Fenix!


Table legs in all shapes and sizes

The Danish oval tabletop is step one, but great table legs will make your new purchase really complete. We have listed all our table legs so you can see what’s possible at a glance. Naturally, we also take the time to finish your steel frame properly. Did you know that you have no less than 4 options? There’s the natural steel colour, a white powder coating, black powder coatingyou can even go all the way with brass gold! What will you do? The choice is yours!


More inspiration

You don't just buy a new table, we are well aware of that. That’s why we want to inspire you so that you can make a grounded choice. For example, choosing the right size can be quite difficult. Please read our blog about the number of seats at the table. It could help with making the right decision. It’s also good to know that we have developed special Danish oval cutting patterns you can use at home to get started. Cut out your dream table and discover the ideal sizes that belong to it. That way you know exactly what to expect!



What is the delivery time for Danish oval tables?

The average delivery time for tables is 6-7 weeks. It is of course possible to have your table delivered later if you so desire. Please indicate this in your order. Tip: Our Fast Lane has been specially developed for our bestsellers with a short delivery time. You can receive this Danish oval oak dining table within 5 working days if you order it before 12:00 at noon.


Can I view Danish oval tables before buying one?

This is possible in one of our showrooms. You can find them in Heeze, Utrecht and Deventer.


Do I have to make a down payment for a Danish oval table?

We will get to work for you right away. We do ask for a 10% down payment. The remaining amount is paid upon delivery. For marble and ceramic tables, we require a 30% down payment. Would you like to know more about our payment options? Check out the payment page, where we have collected all the information for you.


Do you also sell matching chairs and sofas as well?

Yes we do! Discover our dining chairs and dining sofas.


Do you make the Danish oval tables yourself?

That's right. The tables are made for you in our own workshop in Heeze. Curious? This is how it's made!


What’s the warranty on my Danish oval table?

At Table du Sud you get a 12-month warranty on all your furniture. Models from the showroom are the one exception, as these are not covered by the warranty. Want to know more about your warranty? We have collected all information for you on the warranty page.


Do I have to assemble my Danish oval table myself?

This is all part of our service. Immediately after we have delivered the table, we’ll assemble it for you. This gives you the option to choose the exact positioning of the table legs. Then we’ll put the table in the right place. That means no hassle with construction kits!

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