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Rectangular tables

Rectangular tables

One of the most famous tables Rectangular dining tables, who isn't familiar with those? They can be found in many a household and for good reason! A rectangular dining table has beautiful clean lines, creating a tidy look. And be honest, isn't it the perfect picture to dine at one of these tables with a large group? Platters with food everywhere, candles lit: enjoy!  Various frames A rectangular table can easily be combined with a variety of frames, which we all make in our own workshop. Think for instance about legs on both head sides so there aren't any space issues for your feet, or maybe opt for a central frame so you can make optimal use out of the entire length of the table. With the option where you have legs on both head sides, it is also possible to determine its distance to the edges yourself.    

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Rectangular tables

Rectangular oak

Rectangular dining tables

47 products

STURDY & FASHIONABLE Industrial dining tables are popular. That's logical, because industrial tables are not just sturdy and fashionable, they also make your home feel welcoming. At Table du Sud you will find a wide range of industrial dining tables. All our tabletops are traditionally made of solid, reclaimed oak, set on an industrial frame. So find your (made-to-measure) industrial (dining) table with us.   (Almost) anything is possible Do you have a perfect tabletop in mind? We'd be happy to help you bring that image to life. That's why we give you the choice of tabletops with different thicknesses, and frames of different materials. Our industrial dining tables have a tabletop of reclaimed French oak 5, 6 or 8 centimetres thick. The frame is made of metal or stainless steel. The original welded seams are still visible. For that tough industrial look.   Authentic and indestructible Industrial furniture is all about that used, drawn look. And what better way to create that than reclaimed oak? The knots and cracks in our tabletops are not filled in, and the tabletop is given a special brushing treatment. This makes your industrial table look authentic and indestructible.   Unique handmade items How cool is it to think that the table you're sitting at right now was made in Heeze by skilled craftsmen who are passionate about their work? We make whatever you are dreaming of: oval, round or rectangular. Just tell us! We create beautiful tabletops from rough beams and weld the metal frames ourselves. This creates unique items you won't find anywhere else.   Our different series of industrial tables Looking for an industrial dining table? In our webshop and showrooms you will find a number of different series:   Montpellier series: 5 centimetres solid French oak Orleans series: 6 centimetres French oak Nice series: 8 centimetre French oak Lourdes series: 6 centimetre solid French oak   Here's how we'll finish it for you Are you going for chic, robust, chunky, large, small? At Table du Sud you decide the look and feel of your dining table. In our workshop we then finish the tabletop in the colour you want and the material of your choice. Do you want a matt or ultra-matt lacquer (to preserve the original appearance of the wood)? Or do you want a coloured oil like a white- or greywash? Whatever you choose, every treatment offers solid protection against marks and stains.   Made-to-measure industrial dining tables In our Table du Sud webshop and our showrooms you'll see a whole lot of our industrial dining tables. Would you rather invent your own table? Or do you want a table with non-standard dimensions? No problem! We'll make it for you. This allows you to determine the type of tabletop, the frame and the dimensions for yourself. Feel free to contact us or call in at one of our showrooms.   Combine it! Combine your table with our dining room chairs or dining room benches. Take a look at our wide range of products, online or in our showrooms.

Rectangular walnut

Walnut dining tables

21 products

Exclusive and handmade If you go for a exclusive look, a walnut table will be near the top of your list. Combine it with a stainless-steel frame and there's the quality centrepiece for your home or office. The fact that it has such an exclusive appearance doesn't mean it is beyond your wallet. We at Table du Sud believe it is very important to make affordable furniture. Expect a tabletop that is 4 centimetres thick, and, as you've come to expect from us, one with low maintenance, because this table is lacquered completely.

Rectangular tree trunk

Tree trunk dining tables

18 products

Table du Sud tables are custom-made just for you. This also applies to our live edge oak tables. This type of table is crafted out of solid French oak. Instead of sleek edges, our live edge oak tables are furnished with sloping ones. This results in a rougher and more robust appearance. Still prefer a sleek edge? Then take a look at our rectangular oak tables! The stories of our products begin with high quality materials and continue at your home. As you compose your own products, you are essential to the result: a piece of furniture that reflects your personality. On top of that, our live edge tables are fully customisable as well. You determine the size, the colour of the oak tabletop, the type of wood—we differentiate between "lived" and "new" oak—and finally the colour of the frame. Different colours Our live edge oak tables are available in thirteen different colours. Besides the enrichment of your interior design, the chosen colour treatment also provides a solid protection against stains and spots. Looking for a natural appearance? Then opt for an ultra-matte coating. This type of coating is transparent and shows the wood’s natural colour. In addition, you may opt for a lighter coating, such as Silk White and Milk White. Both create a ‘whitewashed’ effect. You can also pick darker hues, such as Black Smoke Light and Black Smoke Intense. These colours provide the wood with a darker look but also allow its natural tone to shine through. We also offer the colours Mud and Hazelnut, which both slightly change the table’s accent. Looking for a colour that fully covers your tabletop? That’s also possible. Either pick Deep White (9010) or Deep Black (9005). Despite the full coverage of these colours the wood grains remain perfectly visible. This is because we brush the tabletop before we apply the coating. The table’s colour is applied in our new spray cabin. This cabin ensures a level appliance of the chosen colour and thereby also your long-term satisfaction. Why? Because these items are maintenance-free! Feel like giving your table a refresher or a solid cleanse in due time? Of course, that’s possible. Take a look at our maintenance products. A wide range of frames As with our other dining tables, we offer a variety of frames to go along with our live edge tabletops. An example is the Felix leg, executed in black metal. Or opt for the more rugged XX-leg. It is imperative to consider your choice of table frame. How many people usually share the table with you? Do unexpected guests frequently attend? Which shape fits the room best? It goes without saying that we will happily advise you. At Table du Sud you can choose between two different types of frames: a central frame or a frame at the short side. Both options are viable with our live edge oak tables. The main advantage of a central frame is the ability to freely sit wherever you want as well as being able to make optimal use of the table’s length. The main advantage of a frame at the short side is that you do not suffer from awkward table legs in front of your feet. Are you having trouble deciding the length of your table? That’s okay, it’s not always easy! Try to take into consideration how many chairs you want to use. Usually, we count 60cm of space for a dining chair with an armrest. So, if you are planning to seat six people, these chairs occupy a total of 180cm of space. Besides, you have to bear in mind a space interval of at least 10-15cm. With a central frame, the table length should thus be at least 200cm. Of course, if you get a longer table, you’ll enjoy more sitting space. However, if you pick a frame at the short side, you’ll also have to take the tube’s thickness as well as the space between the tube and the edge of the table into consideration. The position of the frame is mostly yours to decide. As you will probably understand, a table with a frame at the short side will usually be longer than a (oak) table with a central frame. As with the live edge oak tabletops, our frames are custom-made in our workshop. You decide the height of your table, to which the frame will be adjusted accordingly. Sometimes it is also possible to decide the thickness of the frame’s tubes. Besides metal frames Table du Sud also supplies tables with oak frames.  Managed to pick a type of frame? Then you’re also able to decide its colour. Our frames are not only available in a metallic look, but also in a black or white powder coating. If you opt for a metallic look, the frame will have a mottled dark-grey colour that leaves the welds clearly visible. This provides the table with a robust appearance. The legs may seem unprocessed, but they are treated with a clear coating to prevent oxidation. If you opt for either white or black legs the colour will be matte. This endows the frame with a sleeker and more modern look. Artisanal and authentic No to mass production or the use of upholstered materials, yes to handcrafted and unique dining tables. The tabletops are all mechanically processed and smoothed. The same applies to the edge, which we ensure to be 100% splinter-free. This way you can dine carefree, even with little kids. As we said before, you contribute to the final result to truly transform your table into something personal: Table du Rachel, Table du Richard. Your own table. All this from the picturesque Heeze, situated in the Brabant countryside. With our own machines and by our own hands. Due to the absence of intermediaries, we are able to invest in a quality that you receive for an accessible price. On top of that, we deliver the final product ourselves! No fiddling around with building kits, no far-away producing countries and no brokering activities. People like to call this ‘sustainable’ and ‘local’. We just call it logical. Need advice composing your table? Compose your ideal table online or make use of our professional advice. Despite our best efforts to inform you via our website, we understand it may prove difficult to decide on the ‘right’ table this way. Also, it is only natural if you want to see the table in real life. Fortunately, we have multiple options to do so. For instance, you can order colour samples to help you pick the perfect colour, or you could visit our social media for some inspiration. Want to ‘test’ our furniture and feel the materials for yourself? Visit us in one of our small-scale showrooms. Right now, we have three of them: one in Nieuwkoop (near Utrecht), one in Heeze (near Eindhoven) and the recently opened one in Deventer. You can also chat with our showroom staff members during opening hours. It’s even possible to follow them through the showroom using a webcam. This way you can still see all our furniture ‘in real life’ from a safe distance. Finally, you can always contact us by phone or by mail. Do you think it’s time for a new dining table? Is the old one worn out or are you simply looking for a new look for your kitchen or dining room? Drop by soon or order online! More information about live edge tables? Visit our blog to read why live edge tables are so special.

Rectangular Suar

Suar dining tables

14 products

Please note: the Suar tops are only on view in Heeze.  As an alternative to our oak live edge tables, you may want to opt for a Suar live edge table. This type of live-edge table is made from Suar wood, which is a tropical wood from Indonesia. What is extra special about the Suar table is that the top is made from a single piece, which makes each of them unique. In our workshop in Heeze we always have a selection of the most beautiful planks in stock in different sizes. Different colours You can choose between two finishes: ultra matt lacquer or brown lacquer. Both treatments provide excellent protection against stains and marks. The ultra matt lacquer retains the natural colour of the Suar wood, while the brown lacquer gives the tabletop a rather dark and interesting colour, making the wonderful flares of colour in the wood stand out even more. Any scratches and knots will normally be left open, leaving the tabletop as natural as possible. We can fill them on request. Large choice of frames As with our other dining tables different frames are available to match the live edge tabletop. An example of this is a Felix leg made of black metal. Or opt for a sturdy XX-leg. It is very important to give careful consideration to the frame. How many people do you usually sit down to eat with? Do you often have unexpected guests? Which shape fits best in the available space? Of course we will be happy to advise you on this. Hand-crafted tables No mass-production or use of reinforced materials, instead each piece is a unique and authentic dining table which was made by hand. Tabletops are machine planed to make them smooth. This includes the edge that is made 100% splinter free. No need to worry, even with small children at the table.  Special requests? We are happy to fulfill these, of course, given that all the tables are made in our own workshop.  More information on tree trunk tables? Read more on our blog about tree trunk tables.

Rectangular marble

Marble dining tables

8 products

MEET MARBLE Marble is a type of lustrous limestone that provides a luxurious appearance. On top of that, it is a sustainable material that will last you a lifetime. As you might have read in the introduction, it is easy to combine marble with several types of interior design styles. An obvious pick would be the industrial style, but marble will also be a great fit for more rural/modern styles. Marble provides your interior with a unique touch that transforms your design from something standard into something more playful. Moreover, marble ensures a tranquil look and will thus blend well with the rest of your interior design. Because all our tables are impregnated, they are better protected again spots and stains. WHICH FURNITURE DO YOU PICK? There are multiple ways in which you can incorporate marble into your home. Besides the usual, such as marble tiles and kitchen worktops, we see the material being used in furniture as well. Table du Sud also implements marble in furniture, namely in the form of beautiful dining tables with a top thickness of two centimetres. The colour, the measurements, and the finish of the base are all yours to decide. There are three possible colours: Bianco Carrara, Nero Marquina and Greystone. Looking for a dining table with a marble top? Let’s find some inspiration! RECTANGULAR DINING TABLE The rectangular dining table comes in a shape that’s been cherished for many years – one that usually fits well in most spaces. The colour, named Nero Marquina, is shown at the top left of your screen. This shape/colour combination basically provides your interior with a true eyecatcher. Integrate the table with a wooden herringbone floor and you do not only have a beautiful combination, but one that also allows both the table and the floor to truly come into their own. YOUR CUSTOM TABLE At Table du Sud you’re able to completely personalise your table to the extent that it materialises straight out of your mind! All our tables are manufactured in our personal workshop by people with a sincere heart for the business. As a result, you’ll be happy with your (for example) marble dining table for years to come! By the way, full customisation like this applies to all our tables. Also looking for dining chairs or that one comfy armchair to accompany your couch? You complete your own interior design at Table du Sud!  

Rectangular ceramic

Ceramic dining tables

7 products

Ceramic tables Have you fallen in love with marble tables, but do you find ease of use just as important as design? Then we have the solution for you: ceramic tables! What is ceramic? Ceramic might not be the first material that comes to mind when purchasing a new dining table, but it is used a lot these days—and for good reason! Ceramic is an industrially manufactured product featuring clay as the main component. The clay is pressed under extremely high pressure before it is fired at a high temperature. This creates a light, but very strong material that is extremely scratch resistant and can withstand both high and low temperatures. Putting a hot pan on a ceramic top? No problem at all! Ceramic tables are resistant to scratches, chemicals, alkaline products, heat, frost, and UV radiation. They’re also very easy to maintain. Do you want to know more about ceramic as a material? Read more about it in our blog about ceramic table tops. Rectangular ceramic tables So… a ceramic table top it is! Now for the shape, what about rectangular? A rectangular dining table has several advantages over an oval dining table and a round dining table. The advantages of a rectangular table: - Practical - Timeless - Fun to combine with a dining sofa - You’ll have plenty of choice at Table du Sud But how big should a rectangular table be? How do you determine the right size for your rectangular ceramic dining table? Usually you should consider 60 centimeters per seat of seating space an 10-15 centimeters in between. Prefer a different shape of ceramic table? Then there are our round ceramic tables and our oval ceramic tables.   Your custom-made ceramic dining table The measurements of a ceramic table? Those are for you to decide! Just like the other options to customise the table. In addition to all the different sizes, the ceramic table top is available in different colours and ceramic patterns as well. Different colours ceramic table tops Various colours are available for ceramic tables. How about faux marble? This pattern has become very trendy in the designer world lately. Hardly distinguishable from real marble and much more user-friendly. Take your pick!  Marazzi ceramic Table du Sud only works with the best suppliers. It is therefore not without reason that we have chosen the Italian company Marazzi for our ceramic table tops. This ceramics specialist has been making the most beautiful high-end ceramics since 1935, where quality, durability and design have always been of paramount importance. Matching frames for your ceramic table It goes without saying that your beautiful ceramic table needs a matching frame. We’ve got you covered! We have specifically designed steel frames to match the ceramic table tops; subtle and modern—the perfect match! To complete the modern look of your dining table the base will be powder coated by default. Thanks to this powder coating your table leg will have a matte look and will be well protected. Because the frames are also made to measure, you’re able to determine the height of your ceramic table as well as the colour of the powder coating.  

Rectangular herringbone

Herringbone dining table

22 products

We know herringbone, of course, as a beautiful pattern for wooden floors. A herringbone parquet floor is stylish and timeless and is perhaps one of the most famous interior design items. Now you will also find this beautiful herringbone pattern on tabletops at Table du Sud. Herringbone Need something other than a rectangular oak tabletop? Then take a look at our sturdy and rather fun herringbone tabletops. The herringbone tabletops consist of 18 cm wide oak planks, which can be treated in any colour you choose. The tabletop is then surrounded by a wooden frame which is of course glued in mitre around the tabletop. The height of the surround is 6 cm thick as standard, this is the same thickness as the tabletop. Because we also want to offer you plenty of choices and made-to-measure herringbone tables, you will find the herringbone pattern in a variety of different tabletop shapes: • Rectangular herringbone tables - a sturdy, robust and yet elegant table that forms the centrepiece for any home.• Oval herringbone tables - the benefits of a modern oval tabletop with a stylish and timeless herringbone pattern.• Round herringbone tables – the beautiful wooden herringbone pattern combined with the cosiest table shape. Industrial frames Our herringbone tables can be combined with various industrial frames. If you would like to be able to put dining chairs around the entire table, then either the herringbone dining table Gap or oak herringbone dining table XX might be good options for you. With other frames, such as a U-frame, the legs are situated more on the front side, so that you have full space with your feet. Our herringbone tables are classic with a modern, industrial twist. Combine the oak top with an oak frame if you like a full oak table. You can also opt for a sturdy metal or stainless-steel frame for an even more modern look. Handcrafted Those who like industrial do not usually like mass production. Our oak tables are all handcrafted in our own workshop in Heeze. We shave beautiful tabletops from rough beams and weld the metal frames ourselves. This creates unique items that you will not find anywhere else. Want to see our tables in real life? Come visit one of our showrooms in Nieuwkoop or Heeze. You can even look into the workshop at the showroom in Heeze! On our inspiration page you will find more information about styles, maintenance and how, for example, a herringbone table is made.  

Rectangular Fenix

Fenix dining tables

23 products

Innovative Are you looking for a soft but strong table top that is easy to keep clean? Check! New at Table du Sud: Fenix tabletops. Fenix is a thin sheet material equipped with a nano-tech coating. An innovative eye-catcher in your dining room! Which colour suits you? No need to be afraid of scratches, with the supplied "wonder sponge" these are a thing from the past. Extremely matte! The surface is extremely matte and doesn't reflect. That’s how the colour never loses its potency. Another advantage of this surface is that fingerprints won’t be visible. Fenix tabletops Not only do we have Fenix tabletops, we also have a framethat's specifically made for Fenix. And as you are used to from us: it's custom made in our own workshop. Click here for more information about all Fenix features.

Rectangular concrete

Concrete dining tables

14 products

The latest trend Sturdy and robust. Concrete tables are today's latest trend. A concrete tabletop sits perfectly on an oak or industrial frame. Do you want to create a warmer look? Then oak is what you want. Match it with a metal frame and the industrial look is complete. You choose which colour you like best: Charcoal, Grey or White? Manageable It might be that when you think of concrete, you imagine a heavy, cold tabletop. Wrong! Our tabletops aren't made out of solid concrete and are therefore easy to handle. They are finished in a non-visible lacquer.  Lots of different sizes As you would expect from us, you can also buy this tabletop in many different sizes. Table du Sud offers concrete tables in the following sizes: 180x100 centimetres, 200x100 centimetres, 220x100 centimetres, 240x100 centimetres, 260x100 centimetres and 280x100 centimetres. Legs The legs are placed either 8 or 20 centimetres from the head of the table. You can tell our logistics staff which position you want. When they deliver the table to your home, they will attach the legs in the right place. Matching dining room chairs A beautiful concrete table is of course incomplete without some lovely matching dining chairs. Or be a bit different and go for a nice dining sofa, that's so cosy. You will find chairs in many different shapes, colours and sizes; the right seat for everyone.    


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One of the most famous tables

Rectangular dining tables, who isn't familiar with those? They can be found in many a household and for good reason! A rectangular dining table has beautiful clean lines, creating a tidy look. And be honest, isn't it the perfect picture to dine at one of these tables with a large group? Platters with food everywhere, candles lit: enjoy! 

Various frames

A rectangular table can easily be combined with a variety of frames, which we all make in our own workshop. Think for instance about legs on both head sides so there aren't any space issues for your feet, or maybe opt for a central frame so you can make optimal use out of the entire length of the table. With the option where you have legs on both head sides, it is also possible to determine its distance to the edges yourself.



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