Country living: the home style for fans of the outdoors

The style of the farm and country living!

Are you planning a big change in your interior design, or are you planning a move, for example? Then opt for a totally different living style or perfect your current one. Country living, which is also possible in the city, is a specific style that is perfect for lovers of nature and robust furniture.

Are you looking for country furniture to complete your interior design? Great! On this page, we show you exactly what country living is and which furniture fits perfectly into this popular style.

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What is country living?

Before we delve deeper into this style of living and show you all sorts of options, it's smart to take a moment to map out exactly what country living means. It is quite likely that when you think of country living, you think of detached houses on the edge of the forest, large farmhouses and heavy oak furniture that is at least 50 years old. Of course, these houses lend themselves well to this style of living, but this is by no means to say that you can't create a country living in a smaller house in a city, for example.

Country living is mainly about the materials used and the atmosphere you create. If we zoom in on the materials, we mainly come across wood. Oak and walnut are perfect matches for this style. We also notice that the furniture is often relatively large and that a complete interior radiates tranquillity. Cosiness is number one here. A real homecoming!

Country interior

To put together a complete interior, it is smart to carefully map out what furniture you need in advance and what furniture you might want to keep. Think beyond just the dining table in the kitchen and the sofa in the living room. This furniture certainly forms the basis of these two spaces, but this is not enough to fully embrace the country style of living. Below, we break down what the options are for each space.

Country living room

To put together a country-style living room, start with the sofa. As mentioned, we often see relatively large pieces of furniture in this living style. If you have a lot of space, that's no problem, but if you have a smaller living room, don't be afraid to choose a relatively large sofa. You can also combine a sofa with, say, one or two recliners. The sofa lends itself perfectly to the basis of your colour palette. Within the country style you will find many earthy colours. Think especially of grey, off-white and variations of brown. This is an advice, by the way. You can always use other colours in your interior. In practice, you will see that green will also play a role if you choose a lot of nature in the form of plants.

The other furniture within your country living room lends itself perfectly to reflecting wood. A beautiful oak coffee table, a handy side table or a beautiful TV furniture. Oak is an option with all furniture and try to think in terms of possibilities with this type of wood. We make everything in our own workshop and therefore have many options. For example, you can choose from different types of oak and multiple colours to match everything.

Country kitchen or dining room

We assume that the dining table is the basis of your country living style interior. In that case, choose oak or walnut. Is your dining table close to the kitchen unit? Then it is smart to match both colours. If you are moving house, you might be buying a new kitchen. Try to take into account the style of living you want to create on the ground floor. So you won't regret the furniture and colours you choose later on. The dining chairs also play a big role in the kitchen. At Table du Sud, there are dozens of colours and fabrics to choose from when choosing a chair, which gives you incredible possibilities to pursue perfection. Let the colour of your fabric match one of the colours in your living room, for instance, to create a nice balance. Nice to know: we also sell many different lamps that would certainly not look out of place in a beautiful country dining room.

Create your own country furniture in 3D?

Then you've come to the right place at Table du Sud. Click the button below and create your dream table yourself.


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We understand that it can be difficult to buy a complete interior or even one piece of furniture online. We therefore warmly invite you to visit one of our showrooms to get to know different furniture, designs, colours and fabrics. Are you shopping around?

Then, if you have the opportunity, it would be nice to drop by in furniture store Utrecht (next to the A2 in The Wall) or furniture store Rotterdam (Woonmall Alexandrium). These are the two largest showrooms. You will also find us in Heeze and Deventer. In all showrooms, our experts are on hand to help you make choices.

Do you want to be sure you will be helped properly? Then schedule a showroom appointment for product or interior advice. Would you like to experiment with different designs and colours at home? Then use our 3D sofa configurator and 3D dining table configurator to bring your dream furniture to life.

Tip: Is country style just not your thing? Then it's good to know that our furniture also works well within other living styles. Be inspired by the most popular living styles of the moment: modern, Scandinavian, japandi, industrial and hotel chic.

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