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Everything you need to know about the rural style.

Rustic, cozy and soothing: that is what the rural interior style is about. You can really feel the relaxed atmosphere of the countryside with a hint of nostalgia. The usage of natural materials is key for the country style. The rustic textures of these

materials in combination with neutral colours really define this style. Original construction elements such as wooden beams are made visible and become part of the interior to create an even more country look and feel. 

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Materials & colours

So, rustic elements it is. Timber and stone are being used for the floors, but we see timber being used a lot in the furniture of the country interior style as well. Oak - or even more rustic - tree trunk dining tables, wooden stools and wooden dressers. Everything with an artisanal look. 

Wool, linen, reed, leather and cotton are regularly being used for the materials of the accessories. Examples are reed basket and soft, very soft sofas. Finally, what completes this style is a mix of pillows, throws and some animal fur or cow skin here and there. 


Natural materials, natural tones. The colours in a country style home radiate calmness and warmth. The most used colours are off-white, beige, taupe and warm tones of grey, all in a matte finish. To complete this colour pallet you can choose to give it a softer or tougher twist. If you choose soft, you should incorporate greyed blue, green or pink. Should you go for a slightly tougher look, go with anthracite grey accents and make the rustic elements of the interior stand out even more. 

Decorate with large glass vases, robust armchairs and candles to make your country style interior complete. 

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