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Industrial tables

Industrial dining tables

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STURDY & FASHIONABLE Industrial dining tables are very popular. That makes sense, because industrial tables are not just sturdy and fashionable, they also make your home look very welcoming. At Table du Sud you will find a wide range of industrial dinging tables. All our tabletops are traditionally made of solid, reclaimed oak, set on an industrial frame. So you will find your (made-to-measure) industrial (dining) table in our range. (Almost) anything is possible Do you already know what your perfect tabletop would look like? We will be happy to help you bring that dream to life. We let you select from tabletops of different thicknesses and with frames made of different materials. Our industrial dining tables have a tabletop of reclaimed French oak which can be 5, 6 or 8 centimetres thick. The frame is made from metal or stainless steel. The original weld seams are still visible. For a sturdy industrial appearance. Authentic and indestructible With industrial furniture it's all about the used, marked look. What could suit this better than reclaimed oak? We do not fill in the knots and scars in our tabletops and the tabletop is given a special brushing treatment. This makes your industrial table look authentic and indestructible. Unique handmade items How cool is it to think the table you are now sitting at was made in the traditional way by craftsmen in Heeze who are passionate about their work? We make what you dream of. Oval, round, square? Just tell us! We use the plane to turn rough timber beams into magnificent tabletops, and we weld the metal frames ourselves. In this way, we create unique items you will not find anywhere else. Our different series of industrial tables Looking for an industrial dining table? You will find a number of different series in our webshop and showrooms: Montpellier series: 5 centimetre solid French oak Orleans series: 6 centimetre French oak Nice series: 8 centimetre French oak Lourdes series: 6 centimetre solid French oak Here's how we'll finish it for you Do you like chic, rugged, sturdy, large, small? With Table du Sud you decide the look of your dining table for yourself. In our workshop we finish the tabletop in your choice of colour using the material you selected. Do you want to go for a matt or ultra-matt lacquer (to retain the original character of the wood)? Or would you rather have a coloured lacquers, maybe  white or greywash? Whatever you choose, every treatment offers great protection against marks and stains. Made-to-measure industrial dining tables On our Table du Sud webshop and in our showrooms you will find a load of our industrial dining tables. Or would you rather put your own table together yourself? Or maybe you want a table with non-standard dimensions? No problem! We can make it for you. This way you can decide for yourself on the type of tabletop, the frame and dimensions. Feel free to contact us or come along to one of our showrooms. Combine away! Combine your table with our dining room chairs or dining room benches. Take a look at our wide range online or in one of our showrooms.

Modern tables

Modern dining tables

5 products

Sleek design A home characterised by a modern living style is known for a minimalist look, one with clean lines. You could almost say that there is an artistic vibe present. This is translated into the furniture. The furniture has sleek and/or smooth lines, alternating between eye-catchers and subtle designs. Modern tables At Table du Sud you will find modern tables in addition to industrial, rural and Scandinavian tables. Just like modern interiors, a modern table is characterised by clean lines and a subtle choice of materials. Fenix tables fit in perfectly with this! The material is matte, sleek and wafer-thin; as much as 12 mm! Subtle frames A modern tabletop naturally needs a matching frame. Our modern tables are therefore outfitted with appropriate subtle frames to complete the picture. It is super nice to powder coat these frames, which gives the table an extra modern look.  

Rustic tables

Rustic dining tables

36 products

Warm and robust A house characterised by a country-house style is known for its warmth and cozy look, with a variety of materials. Natural materials form the basis for colour alternations. Think of earth tones, green, black and white. Combine a robust oak table with sturdy dining chairs and matching TV furniture and/or a coffee table and your interior is complete. Modern tables At Table du Sud you will find rustic tables in addition to industrial, modern and Scandinavian tables. A lived oak table is characterised by knots and cracks and the surface of the tabletop is brushed. This endows table with that natural appearance and you'll just feel that it's a natural product.  Characteristic frames The frames of our rustic tables vary from steel frames to monastic legs, handmade in our workshop in Heeze. The frames are assembled by people with different expertises, but with the same passion, so you will enjoy your table for a long time.

Herringbone tables

Herringbone dining tables

30 products

The beautiful herringbone pattern, now available as a table! Herringbone is well known as a beautiful pattern for a wooden floor. A herringbone floor is both stylish and timeless and might even be one of the most famous current interior trends. Now you can also find this beautiful herringbone pattern as a tabletop at Table du Sud. Herringbone Ready for something other than a straight-lined oak tabletop? Then take a look at our sturdy and somewhat playful herringbone tabletops. The herringbone tabletop consists of planks of 18 centimeters wide oak; the table tops can be treated in any desired colour. The top is then framed with a wooden frame, which is glued around the top in mitred form. The height of the frame is 6 centimeters thick by standard, this is also the top thickness. Because we want to offer you a lot of choice and custom sizes with our herringbone tables, you can find the herringbone pattern in different shapes: • Rectangular herringbone tables - sturdy, robust yet elegant table that is an eye-catcher in every home.• Oval herringbone tables - the benefits of a modern oval tabletop with a trendy and timeless herringbone pattern.• Round herringbone tables – the beautiful wooden herringbone pattern combined with the cosiest table shape. Industrial frames Our herringbone tables can be combined with various industrial bases. If you would like to be able to put dining chairs around the entire table, then either the herringbone dining table Gap or oak herringbone dining table XX might be good options for you. With other frames, such as a U-frame, the legs are situated more on the front side, so that you have full space with your feet. Our herringbone tables are classic with a modern, industrial twist. Combine the oak top with an oak frame if you like a full oak table. You can also opt for a sturdy metal or stainless-steel frame for an even more modern look. Handcrafted Those who like industrial do not usually like mass production. Our oak tables are all handcrafted in our own workshop in Heeze. We shave beautiful tabletops from rough beams and weld the metal frames ourselves. This creates unique items that you will not find anywhere else. Want to see our tables in real life? Come visit one of our showrooms in Nieuwkoop or Heeze. You can even look into the workshop at the showroom in Heeze! On our inspiration page you will find more information about styles, maintenance and how, for example, a herringbone table is made.    

Monastery tables

Monastery dining tables

8 products

For a robust look Back in the days nuns used to sit at long, sturdy tables. That design has retained its strength, because the monastery table still provides a beautiful, solid and stylish centrepiece in your interior. Expect a sturdy tabletop and beautiful wooden legs. The length of the table ranges from 1.50 metres to several meters. You can also choose between various thicknesses and designs and define the height yourself. For wood lovers As true wood lovers, the hearts of our Table du Sud craftsmen in Heeze start to beat faster when they start working on this table. As you might expect from us, this table, including the legs, is made in our own workshop. Do you have a special request? We'll make it for you! 

Scandinavian tables

Scandinavian dining tables

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Lifestyle fashion from the north Scandinavia is as hip as can be. We read thrillers from the North, book trips to Sweden or Norway and enjoy Scandinavian TV series. And we also copy their clean living trends! At Table du Sud we keep a close eye on lifestyle trends, so you will find that we have the most beautiful Scandinavian dining tables as well. Simplicity & purity Slender legs? Simplicity? Purity? Check, check, double check! These are timeless tables you'll enjoy for years. Table du Sud has beautiful Scandinavian dining tables available in every size, up to 270 centimetres. The tabletop: 4 centimetres of solid oak. Timeless favourite Because of their simple, slender and pure appearance, these tables fit in well with all kinds of interior styles. They are timeless tables, tables that will give you years of pleasure. These beautiful Scandinavian dining tables from Table du Sud are available in any size up to 270 centimetres and use 4 centimetres thick solid French oak. Take a look at our oval tables, also very nice in the Scandinavian style.  

Black tables

Black dining tables

15 products

Especially for Black Friday: our most beautiful black tables together for you! At Table du Sud you will not only find the best prices for your furniture during Black Friday, but everyday. You buy from us directly in the factory, where we make everything especially for you. So we skip the middlemen and deliver directly to you. This gives you furniture of the best quality for an accessible price. You will find a selection here, but actually all our oak tables can be made in the color Deep Black. In addition, we continuously offer you: Black Fenix ​​tables Black marble dining tables Black marble coffee tables Black herringbone tables Black oval tables Black dining chairs And so much more! Own production - assemble for yourself If you like the colour black, we will make it! This is possible because we make the furniture ourselves in our own workshop. You determine what your furniture will look like. For each part we offer you a diversity of options so that your furniture is completely customised. Go to our inspiration page for more tips to decorate your interior in monochrome and other black styling tips.    


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