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How to choose the perfect size for your new dining table

Make your final decision with the best possible feeling

Are you planning to purchase a new dining table? Then you’ll quickly run into a number of questions. What will the size of my new acquisition be? What material should my table be made of? And what about the shape?

That first question will be the focus of this blog. Determining the dimensions of your new table is not always easy, so we’re more than happy to help you make the right choice! Quickly read on!

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Determine the shape

Before you start using your tape measure, it’s important to determine the shape of your new dining table. In our workshop in Heeze we make tables out of all possible shapes and each shape has its own advantages. For example, a classic rectangular table fits well in a relatively large space, a round table is nice and cosy because everyone can look at each other and the pebble-shaped table is quickly growing in popularity.

Map your space

Are you going to replace a dining table? Then the size of your new table should already be pretty clear. In the case of a complete makeover or a move, it can be a bit more difficult to determine the right size. Start with the size of the dining room, but also take other key factors into account, such as a rug, cabinets, and other furniture. Do you have wide or narrow dining chairs? Then be sure to consider those when determining the dimensions.

Number of people at your table

This is perhaps one of the most important indicators when determining the size. How many people, or rather, how many chairs do you want to place at your table? For example, you’re well on your way if you know you want at least 8 dining chairs. To be able to determine this properly, we have written an extra blog about the number of chairs at a table. In this blog you can read exactly what to do.


In addition, in the case of a rectangular or (Danish) oval table, it’s smart to discover whether you want to place chairs on the head side(s). This produces two extra seats, which can affect the size of your ideal table.

Useful numbers

In the end, it all comes down to the numbers. Do you want to go for a snug fit, or would you rather create some extra space? If you map this out as well as possible, you won’t be faced with surprises later on. Below you can find some useful figures.


We recommend a minimum table length of 2 meters for a table of six people


A dining chair takes up about 60 cm in width


Place a dining table at least 70 cm from the wall to be able to sit properly


Place it at least 1.20 m from the wall if there’s a lot of walking between the table and wall


Most dining tables have a width of 90-100 cm


74 cm is the recommended height for a dining table. This can be adjusted.

Think in possibilities
All Table du Sud dining tables are handcrafted in our workshop in Heeze. We get to work just for you to prepare your ideal dining table. Due to our custom nature, you have a lot of freedom during the composition. Think of different shapes, materials, frames, and multiple options when it comes to the finish. Not sure whether your wishes can be realised? It’s usually possible! Otherwise, please get in touch. When submitting your specifications on our website, you immediately get to see all our possibilities. Curious about how we make our tables? This is how it’s made!

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