Everything about your round dining table for 8 people

Do you have a large family, or do you simply want to enjoy your food and drinks with a large group of people? Then a relatively large round dining table for 8 people is the solution. But what should you take into account when you’re about to buy your round table?

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at composing a round table for 8 people. That’s how you make a justified choice, allowing you to enjoy your dream furniture in no time! If you still want to create your dream table in 3D yourself, click below!

Zie hier welke tafelvormen passen binnen de categorie ronde eettafel 8 personen. Zo is er rekening gehouden hoeveel stoelen aan een ronde eettafel passen met daarbij de juiste tussenruimtes.
Zie hier een ronde eettafel van 170 cm. Deze eettafel bevat in totaal 7 eetkamerstoelen met armleuningen.
Zie hier een ronde eettafel van 170 cm. Deze eettafel bevat in totaal 7 stoelen zonder armleuning.

Round dining table 170 cm

Determining the size of a new dining table is one of the most important decisions to make. Especially when moving house, it can be difficult to find the perfect size. After all, if you are going to replace your current dining table, you know better what requirements your new addition must meet.

The size of the table top is what matters. If you want to go for a round dining table for 8 people, it is important to choose a size that allows everyone to sit comfortably at the table. Our experts have years of experience within the furniture industry and recommend choosing a round dining table of at least 170 cm. This is because with our 170 cm round dining table, you have plenty of room to move around, so you don't have to worry about not having enough leg room.

Round dining table 180 cm

We would like to mention here that we have taken dining chairs without armrests into account for a 170 cm table. Dining chairs with armrests naturally take up a bit more space, which is why we always recommend choosing a 180 cm round dining table for such a set. Good to know: a round dining table of 180 cm means the cross-section of the table top. 

Note: do you have rotatable or lounge chairs? Then we apply different sizes. Please contact us.

Space around the dining table

When buying a round dining table for 8, it's smart not to focus only on the size of the tabletop. You don't want any surprises at home, so it's important to reserve enough space for the table. For the distance between the edge of the table and any wall, we recommend reserving at least 80 cm. Have a go at home with some tape so you can literally see what you are planning. This will give you a good idea of whether your wishes are among the possibilities.

Hoeveel stoelen passen aan een ronde eettafel voor 8 personen?

Table 1: How many chairs fit at a round dining table for 8 people.
Cross-section of the round dining table Number of persons
Round dining table 160 cm 6 to 7 persons
Round dining table 170 cm 7 persons
Round dining table 180 cm 7 to 8 persons


At Table du Sud, we have now created quite a range of bases. That means you have a lot of freedom in this area too. With a large round dining table for 8, it won't be the case any time soon, but it's still smart to avoid a possible lack of legroom. Try to imagine where you will place the chairs in combination with your chosen base.

Tip: use our 3D configurator to put together a beautiful piece of furniture in no time.

Dining chairs for large round dining tables

Did you know that at Table du Sud we also have a nice selection of dining chairs for you? Again, you decide all the details yourself. Choose from literally dozens of different colours, materials and designs. That way you strike a great blow and get a beautiful set into your home. Would you like appropriate advice before buying? You can! Our experts are at your service in our showrooms in UtrechtHeeze, Rotterdam and Deventer.

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Are you looking for a slightly smaller round dining table? We have those too. In our blogs on round dining tables for 4 persons and round dining tables for 6 persons you will find the perfect sizes.

Create your own round dining table in 3D? 

Then you've come to the right place at Table du Sud, click the button below and create your dream table.

Zie hier een ronde eettafel van 180 cm. Deze eettafel bevat in totaal 7 eetkamerstoelen met armleuningen.
Zie hier een ronde eettafel van 180 cm. Deze eettafel bevat in totaal 8 eetkamerstoelen zonder armleuningen.
Zie hier een ronde eettafel voor 8 personen. Het is een zwarte ronde eettafel met een O-poot.

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