Minimal & natural tones 

Minimal and mostly natural tones. The Scandi look is a very accessible style where less is definitely more. The furniture often has slender legs and soft,

natural materials in which wood predominates. Peace, comfort and functionality are part of a Scandinavian interior and an accessory plays the leading role: natural light.

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Materials & colours

Wood plays an important role in a Scandinavian interior, especially the wooden floor. Varying from white wood to light gray, from light brown to dark brown. You can use many different types of wood and combine this with, for example, a soft rug or other modern elements. Simple shapes are a must. So for a Scandinavian table you can look at a round table, oval table or a regular rectangular table.

The fact that Scandinavians love nature is clearly reflected in the interior. Although the Scandinavian living style is light and clean, you give your home a calm and warm appearance with natural and pure materials. Use wood, cane, jute and rattan when you go back to basics. Also nice: natural materials are often sustainable, you also do something good for the environment.


Neutral colors and tones often predominate in Scandinavian interiors. Think white, beige, light gray, pale pastel shades and soft pink. Soft textures add warmth and freshness to the minimalist abode. Stick to one or two statement colors and leave the rest monochrome.

A Scandinavian interior can also be recognized by the subtle Scandinavian furniture. Varying from round tables, metal side tables and of course the famous Eames chair. The statement armchair is also very popular with our northern neighbors. Preferably one with wooden railings for a modern effect. Think of dining room chairs with subtle legs, organic shapes and calm colours.

Does the Scandinavian living style suit you? Discover our range of custom Scandinavian furniture!

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