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Are you planning a move or are you planning to redecorate your living or dining room? Then it is fun to choose a new living style. We understand that it can be difficult to put together a new interior, but with some handy tips, you can go a long way!

On this page, we show you how to create a beautiful, peaceful interior with Scandinavian furniture.


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What is a Scandinavian interior?

When the term 'Scandinavian interior' comes to mind, you might think of an interior originating from northern Europe. This is partly true, yet not quite. A Scandinavian interior, also known as Nordic Style, is based on the trends and furnishings from countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. If we zoom in a little deeper, we quickly discover that this style of living breathes tranquillity, is quite uncluttered and makes extensive use of light and not too striking colours. By the way, a misconception is that Scandinavian furniture really comes from Scandinavia. Of course it can, but this is not a requirement. We mean furniture that fits well within a Scandinavian living style. Finally, a Scandinavian interior makes great use of natural materials and at Table du Sud we do too!

From Scandinavian design to Scandinavian furniture

It is certainly possible to label certain furniture as Scandinavian. Thus, we see that Scandinavian furniture is made without fuss and that minimalism and simple designs score well. Besides, when putting together a Scandinavian interior, think beyond the dining table or coffee table. An interior roughly consists of the major pieces of furniture such as the tables, sofas, coffee tables and the chairs. In addition, you have a group with Tv furniture, and side tables and finally you have the accessories. The whole collection ultimately forms your Scandinavian interior. Try to have a line to which the furniture conforms. For example, you can use a colour palette or a material such as oak keep coming back. Tip: at Table du Sud, you put together your dining table from top to toe yourself. Create your own Scandinavian dining table in minutes with our handy 3D configurator.

Scandinavian colours for your living room and kitchen

You now know that to achieve a Scandinavian interior, you can use minimalist designs and natural materials such as oak and walnut. But which colours should/can you use to lay the foundations of your new interior? We definitely see a lot of white, light grey and other light colours in Scandinavian living and dining rooms. But we don't rule out black for certain accents. We recommend using different shades within a colour. For instance, you can use different shades of white and beige to create a whole. Especially in combination with an oak dining table, you can create a beautiful base. It is good to know that we have different colours of oak in store for you. So you can match your new dining table perfectly with the interior you have in mind. Tip: with a few plants in good places, you expand the colour palette with green and embrace the natural aspect of your interior.

Design your own Scandinavian furniture in 3D? 

Then you've come to the right place at Table du Sud. Click the button below and create your dream table yourself.


Scandinavian materials: think in possibilities

The use of natural materials suits Scandinavian Living perfectly. You put our furniture together yourself and when it comes to materials, we serve up many flavours that ensure there is always something to find that perfectly matches your taste and the rest of your intended interior. Earlier, we told you about oak. This wood lasts super long and is therefore automatically a sustainable choice. In addition, it is nice to know that when putting together oak dining tables and coffee tables you can choose from three types of oak: refined oak, aged oak and new oak. Finally, we offer more than ten different colours and among them are colours that fit well within a Scandinavian interior. 

Walnut and fenix are also well worth considering. Walnut has a calm, warm feel and with fenix you have a choice of unimaginable colours. So always think in terms of possibilities and don't stop looking until you have found the perfect combination.


Scandinavian home furniture store: Table du Sud!

You can of course put together furniture online, but we completely understand if you would rather see what the options are with a real expert. You are more than welcome to do so in our furniture shops. Are you still in the orientation phase? Then a visit to furniture store Utrecht or furniture store Rotterdam really worth considering. These are our largest showrooms and here you will find everything for your living and dining room. You can also find us in Heeze, not far from where the first Table du Sud furniture was once made. Nice to know: the furniture store in Heeze literally adjoins the workshop. During your tour in the showroom, you can see our craftsmen working on all kinds of furniture in the background. Finally, you can also find us in Deventer. Tip: Is the Scandinavian style just not your thing? Then it's good to know that our furniture also works well within other interior styles. Be inspired by the most popular interior styles of the moment: modern, elegant chique, japandi, industrial and country

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