Decision aid: tips for choosing new TV furniture

Get a beautiful piece of furniture into your home with our tips & tricks

When restyling or furnishing your living room, you may quickly focus on buying a new sofa or coffee table. The TV cabinet is just such a piece of furniture that’s often forgotten, even though you can easily boost the entire appearance of your living room with one.

But what should you pay attention to when you go shopping for a new TV cabinet? In this blog we’ll show you which factors are important and how to best approach the search for the perfect piece of furniture.

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Tip 1: to measure is to know

At Table du Sud we make the TV furniture in our own workshop, which means you have a lot to choose from in terms of dimensions. Go home with some tape and a tape measure to determine your ideal dimensions. Even then it can be difficult to figure out what the perfect size is for you.

Try to include as many factors as possible. For example, what’s the size of your current TV and is there a chance that a larger TV will be bought in the future? Are you planning to use your TV furniture as storage for your things such as games, candles, cables or something else? By answering these questions, you map out exactly what you expect from your new TV cabinet, which makes it easier to determine the right size.

Tip 2: look beyond the TV furniture itself

It's only natural to focus your eyes on your newfound acquisition when you're about to make decisions. Still, it’s smart to look at the complete picture every now and then. For example, think of your current or new living style and try to match your furniture with this style. Tip: check the different living styles for extra inspiration. 

Of course, your new furniture can be a real eye-catcher, but make sure the balance is well-maintained. If the TV cabinet matches the rest in style, you have a real winner on your hands. 

Tip 3: floating or standing?

If we lump all TV furniture together, they can roughly be divided into two large groups: floating and standing TV furniture. Try to make a solid choice here, so you quickly eliminate a large part of the offer. By making one decision, you’re suddenly a lot closer to your new purchase.

A floating TV cabinet looks very elegant, while a standing TV cabinet looks more powerful due to its steel frame. Both options have their own advantages and style.

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Tip 4: choose your favorite colour

When composing TV furniture, you might just have that classic wood look in mind. Naturally, this is a colour we can supply, but did you know there are more than ten colours to choose from? These are colours that range from nearly white to black and everything in between. In short, there’s always a colour available that suits you.

But how do you know which colour? And what should you pay attention to when you’re looking for one? Again, it’s important you take a look at the whole. Does the new colour match with the walls and the rest of the interior? Then the odds are solid that your new TV furniture will not look out of place. Extra tip: don't forget the lighting either. If sunlight has free rein, an apparently dark colour can suddenly appear a lot lighter.

Tip 5: think in possibilities

The advantage of having our own workshop is that we have complete freedom when it comes to designing and creating new furniture at Table du Sud. This means we can offer you many options to compose your purchase. In the case of TV furniture, this manifests itself in different dimensions, materials and many details that you determine yourself.

So let yourself be inspired by the possibilities that you come across when you click the “configure yourself” button on the page of your TV furniture. Do you have another wish that isn’t listed in the options? Then please contact us. Together we’ll see if we can translate your preferences into a new piece of TV furniture.

Tip 6: get inspired in a showroom

Buying a TV cabinet online is very easy, but we can imagine that you’d like to see a few things in real life before you make the final decision. It’s good to know that you’re welcome at three locations to feast your eyes and ears. 

You’ll find our showrooms in Heeze, where our workshop is also located, in Utrecht, Rotterdam and Deventer. Our largest showroom in Utrecht deserves some extra attention. We opened the Utrecht | Living area here in April 2022. Here we focus on everything related to the living room. Discover the different combinations and kill several birds with one stone. Would you like to know more? Read our extensive blog about Utrecht | Living.

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Rug for the living room?

You can also find these at Table du Sud in a variety of colors and sizes.

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