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Your own workshop? Or is it more of a factory slash distribution centre? The fact is that we really make all our dining tables from scratch. We do this in two large workshops in Heeze, Brabant. But what exactly is being done here and what about that customisation?

If you’re considering a table from Table du Sud, you’re probably curious about all of this. In this blog, we take a closer look at our workshop, because that's what we like to call the space where the magic happens. Here, we answer the most frequently asked questions.

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Where is this workshop located?

You’ll find our workshop in Heeze, Brabant, not far from the place where the brothers Antonissen made their first bar table. We can rightly say that the workshop is part of a multifunctional building. For example, the Heeze showroom is also located here. The workshop is literally adjacent to these showrooms. During your tour of the showroom, you can see our craftsmen hard at work in the background, creating the most diverse tables.

Is your stock here, too?

No. We deliver custom work, which means that we work without stock. We only get started as soon as we have received an order. This is because a table consists of so many aspects and adjustable details that almost every dining table is unique. That’s why we work according to the make to order principle. An exception is the Suar tabletop. These tabletops, that we use for our tree trunk tables, can rightly be called unique and have travelled all the way from Indonesia. If you decide to buy a Suar tree trunk table, you get to pick your own tabletop from one of the Suar shelves. This way you know exactly which top you’re getting.

How big is the workshop really?

After a number of expansions, we now have more than 7000 m2 at our disposal. Among these 7000 m2, you can find our office and the company canteen, where our employees enjoy the creations of Hanneke and Eden on a daily basis. The roof of the workshop is as flat as a billiard cloth, which gave us the opportunity to install 1800 solar panels. Sustainability is one of our top priorities.

Do you really make everything yourself?

Yes, of course! When you think of a new table, you may immediately think of the tabletop, but you shouldn’t forget the frame. In our welding hall, we make the most diverse frames that you can match very nicely with our tabletops. Yeah, that makes for a ton of combinations!

What materials do you work with in your workshop?

We make the above-mentioned frames from steel. We use oak, Suar, walnut, marble, ceramic, Fenix, concrete, and herringbone for our tabletops. Would you like to know more about one or more of these materials? Then take a look at our materials page. Here, we have listed all useful information for you.

I have a special wish for my furniture. Is it possible?

When composing your dining table online, you’ll quickly see an overview of the options you have. Do you have a different wish? Then please get in touch with us, as there’s a lot possible in our workshop!

My table is finished. What happens now?

We have a platoon of experienced deliverers who transport all our furniture with our own vans. Every day, they spread out in all directions to deliver tables as quickly as possible.

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