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The Scandinavian living style is one of today’s most popular styles. Less is more! And we love it. But what should you pay attention to if you’re looking for a dining table that fits well within this style?

Which properties are important and which colours go well with Scandinavian? In this blog we’ll show you which boxes a table should tick before it's considered Scandinavian.

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The frame

Before we focus on the table itself, it's time for a little recap. What exactly is the Scandinavian living style? As the intro may have told you, less is more is considered one of Scandinavian’s defining pillars.

Within this accessible living style, the furniture often has narrow legs and a lot of use is made of natural materials. Wood usually predominates. Comfort, rustic and functional are terms that perfectly match the Scandinavian living style. When we look at the colours, it should come as no surprise that the classic wood look easily makes its way into a Scandinavian living or dining room. In terms of colours, mainly think of white, beige, light grey and light pastel shades.

Simple shapes

Excessive fuss is not part of a Scandinavian interior and that is reflected in the shapes of the dining tables within this style. Classic rectangular or round tables do very well. To accentuate the wood look, it can also be an option to opt for a herringbone table. You often see the striking herringbone pattern on floors, but it also lends itself to a beautiful dining table!

Slender frames

When you’ve decided on a tabletop, you'll soon discover that Table du Sud has a lot to offer when it comes to adapting specifications to your liking. Think of the dimensions, the colour of the tabletop and the type of wood you want to use.


In addition to the tabletop, the frame is the second eye-catching part of your new table. A Scandinavian table needs a relatively thin frame and that’s precisely what we have in store for you. Be inspired by our frames and discover all the different shapes. Each frame can be combined with your tabletop.

Additional inspiration

A natural-looking tabletop with a slender frame. If you buy one of these, you can be sure it will fit into a Scandinavian interior. Not really what you’re looking for? Then be inspired by all those other living styles. Japandi, a combination of Scandinavian and Japanese, could be the perfect match for you.

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