Choose Japandi living style

What is Japandi? A soothing interplay between two styles, namely: Scandinavian and Japanese.

Are you planning a move or do you 'just' feel like giving your kitchen or living room a makeover? Then we think the Japandi style is a fun and daring basis for your new interior.

Take the plunge and opt for this fun living style. On this page, you will discover everything to do with Japandi and what you can do to make your interior completely in this style.

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What is Japandi?

The keen reader may immediately see that Japandi is a combination of two styles: Scandinavian and Japanese! This may seem like a far-fetched, weird, combination, but this is indeed the explanation of the term. In fact, if we zoom deeper into this home style, we come across elements from both cultures, which at the end of the day make up Japandi.

If we look at the Scandinavian area, we see a few striking features. This style of living is calm, uncluttered and makes great use of light. Incidentally, a misconception is that Scandinavian furniture actually comes from Scandinavia. Of course it can, but this is not a requirement. We mean furniture that fits well within a Scandinavian living style. Finally, Scandinavian interiors make great use of natural materials such as oak

Turning Scandinavian living style into Japandi requires Japanese elements. A key difference between Scandinavian and Japandi is the greater use of the colour black within Japandi. In addition, from the Japanese living style, we see different, different shapes coming across. Finally, it is good to know that Japandi is a minimalist living style par excellence. Less is more. Tip: on our page about the Scandinavian living style you will find even more information. 

Japandi furniture: these are your options

The furniture is the backbone of your new interior. Of course, there are some real eye-catchers that immediately stand out and then it's nice to match those pieces of furniture with your new style. The most eye-catching piece of furniture in your kitchen or dining room is obviously your dining table. Within Japandi you will find many natural materials and therefore it is fun, for example, to put together an oak dining table to your liking. In addition, it is good to know that there are also walnut dining tables and they are also suitable for a Japandi interior. Finally, we also want to briefly mention Fenix. This material is extremely functional and has the advantage that we can supply the tables in an awful lot of colours. So you can perfectly match the colour with the rest of the furniture.

Tip: when buying
dining chairs, also pay close attention to the colour and material. A beautiful dining set will form the base of your Japandi dining room. 

Japandi furniture: from coffee table to sofa

When we shift the focus from the kitchen to the living room, we automatically encounter more opportunities to vary to make it a real Japandi. The basis here is formed by the sofa(s) and the coffee table. Here, at Table du Sud, you have literally hundreds of options. So there is always a combination available to suit your taste. In addition, it is also fun to look at the less obvious furniture and accessories. After all, the details make for perfection. How about a sidetable, TV furniture, occasional tables or rug to complete the look? You can put the furniture together as you wish so that each one falls within the Japandi living style. 

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Japandi colours

You now know what the Japandi living style is and which furniture you can buy from us to achieve a Japandi living style in your home. But which colours actually go best with this living style? Above all, we want to mention here that there is no one truth. Some colours fit well within this style, but of course that does not mean that other variants are a no-go. Colours we often see within this style are variants of white, beige, light brown and teracotta. In addition, due to the presence of plants, we automatically see some greenery. Finally, we also see the colour black. It is good to know that at Table du Sud you can choose from several colours. For example, did you know that there are more than ten different colours for your oak dining table?

Create your own Japandi furniture in 3D?

Then you've come to the right place at Table du Sud. Click the button below and create your dream table yourself.


Japandi furniture store: Table du Sud!

You can of course put together furniture online, but we completely understand if you prefer to see what the options are with a real expert. You are more than welcome to do so in our furniture shops. Are you still in the exploratory stage? Then a visit to our furniture store Utrecht or furniture store Rotterdam is really worth considering. These are our largest showrooms, where you will find everything you need for your living and dining room. You can also find us in Heeze, not far from where the first Table du Sud furniture was made. Nice to know: the furniture store in Heeze is literally adjacent to the workshop. During your tour of the showroom, you can see our craftsmen working on all kinds of furniture in the background. Finally, you will also find us in Deventer.

Tip: is the Japandi style just not your thing? Then it's good to know that our furniture also works well within other living styles. Get inspired by the most popular living styles of the moment:
modern, hotel chic, Scandinavian, industrial and country.

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