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Are you looking for a dining table sofa that you can compose all by yourself? Then you've come to the right place at Table du Sud. Whether it's an oak dining sofa, a beautiful leather one or even an oval dining sofa: we have it! Become inspired by all our possibilities. On this page we have collected all the relevant information.


Types of dining sofa


A beautiful kitchen sofa completes your space. We have many different types of dining sofas in store for you and each type has its own specific properties. You can read about them below.


Dining sofa with backrest


Dining sofas with backrests are and remain very popular. You can put them against the wall and even if you don’t, you’ll still enjoy the right support. In this area you can choose from different materials and colours. This is how you compose a dining sofa with backrest that really makes you happy.


Dining sofa without backrest


When you start looking, you may not immediately have a dining sofa without backrest in mind, but did you know that they’re becoming increasingly popular? You can turn a minimalistic sofa into something special with a nice rug or matching cushions. How about dining sofa Senna, for example? A dining bench that gives you an incredible number of options when composing.


Dining sofa for in your corner


Is this an option? Of course! We are huge fans of Le Mans ourselves. It is one of the more striking appearances in our range. This dining sofa gives you all the freedom when sitting in a corner. One side has an armrest and the other side does not.


Oval dining sofa


With an oval dining room sofa you get the perfect partner in crime for an oval dining table! If you really want to use your space effectively, this is the solution you might not even know existed. You can of course put together an oval dining room sofa yourself at Table du Sud. For example, we have oval dining sofa Nesu in store for you. The photo of the Nesu gives a nice indication of what to expect. Is the color not to your liking? No problem! We have many different colors and fabrics for you so that you can get it completely according to your wishes. Tip: the Nesu also fits well on a Danish oval dining table!


Dining sofa materials


As you know, a dining sofa from Table du Sud is available in different materials. These are the ones you can pick from:




At Table du Sud you choose your upholstery yourself. Will you go with leather or fabric? You’ll discover many options during ordering, so let the possibilities sink in and discover them all. There is sure to be a suitable fabric for you!




The specialty of the house. Oak from Table du Sud is of high quality and also offers you the opportunity to compose your furniture yourself. Determine the dimensions of your dining sofa and the colour. For example, dining sofas of 200 and 180 cm are very popular, but that doesn’t mean that you should automatically go for one of those. Compose your sofa all by yourself and choose from our available sizes. In the case of a steel frame, you can also determine the finish yourself.




Maybe you've never heard of Suar. Nevertheless, there is a good chance that you have already seen Suar furniture in real life. Suar is used for our tree trunk tables and therefore also for our dining sofas. The tropical hardwood makes for an authentic natural look. Want to know more? Read everything about Suar.




The dining sofas we have shown give a good indication of the possibilities. For example, you can adjust the size yourself. When ordering, you can find all the possible options under the dimensions. An apparently small dining sofa can often also be supplied in a larger size. Tip: start at home with a tape measurer and discover the ideal size of your new dining table sofa. This way you can match this size nicely with your order. Also be sure to think carefully about the size of your new furniture. After you have placed your order it is no longer possible to adjust your preferences. In addition, try not only to think of dimensions such as 150 and 220 cm, but also the number of people. How many people do you want to be able to accommodate on your dining sofa? You can use this as a basis for your search.



You don’t select a new dining sofa overnight. Especially if you are going to combine your sofa with a new dining table, so it’s nice to have a good idea of ​​what you want. For example, do you opt for a dining table with the sofa placed against the wall or not? Tip? Find out which interior style suits you. Do you like the industrial style of living or do you prefer country? Every style is unique, but so are you! Discover the different styles and maybe you “accidentally” bump into a new piece of furniture that you immediately fall in love with.


Frequently asked questions about dining sofas


How much does a dining sofa cost?

This depends on the choices you make. The price will adjust itself during every step of composition, depending on what you do or do not pick. This way you’ll never be faced with surprises.


What size should I choose?

Choosing the right size can be tricky. A good tip would be to match the length of your table with the length of your new dining sofa.


What are the delivery costs of a dining sofa?

With an order value above €250, we deliver free of charge to the ground floor. Would you like to know more about possible costs? Read about it on our delivery page.


How long is the warranty on my dining table sofa?

At Table du Sud you get a 12-month warranty on your furniture. Read more about warranty here.


Do you make the oak and Suar dining sofas yourself?

That's right. We do this in our own workshop in Heeze. One of our showrooms is also located here. You can walk in without making an appointment.


What is the delivery time of a dining table sofa?

A delivery time of 5 to 7 weeks currently applies to the oak and suar dining sofas. This will be slightly longer for upholstered furniture. You’ll find the delivery time on the page of your furniture.


Can I see the dining sofas before ordering?

In our showrooms you’ll find an extensive selection of our furniture. Come and visit us in Heeze, Utrecht or Deventer. You don’t need to make an appointment for your visit. The door’s open for you!


Do I have to make a down payment?

We ask for a small deposit of 10%. For marble tables it’ll be 30%. You don’t have to pay a deposit for furniture from the Fast Lane. The Fast Lane furniture is delivered within 5 working days. In this case, you pay the amount in one go.


Can I still adjust my preferences after I order?

We start working immediately after we receive your order. So unfortunately you cannot. If you want to adjust something, please contact us as soon as possible.

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