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Papi is a modern dining room sofa from the HE designer collection. Papi’s striking design, combined with high quality materials, turns this dining room sofa into a true eye-catcher for your dining table! Available in several types and colours of either leather or fabric. Available sizes come in lengths of 160, 180, 200, 220, 240, 260, 280 and 300 cm. 
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Product description


Looking for a stylish but sturdy dining room sofa? Dining room sofa Papi may just be the perfect answer. (Pictured in Vintage Cognac). The combination of brown-coloured leather and a metal frame gives this sofa a rugged look. Moreover, this sofa is available in hundreds of different colours of fabric. To get the best impression, we advise you to come take a look in one of our showrooms.

If you pick a length size of either 260, 280 or 300 cm, your dining room sofa will be outfitted with another leg to increase stability. Be wary, as with some of the table bases (such as the Felix) this table leg may be a hindrance.

Height 90 CM
Depth 69 CM
Seat height 49 CM
Seat depth 45 CM

Characteristics of fabric and leather types

Unit: 15% cotton, 85% polyester. Wear resistance: 35,000 Martindale. The Unit’s strong fabric and multi-coloured aspect result in a simultaneously luxurious and tough-looking appearance. The fabric’s touch is woolly soft and includes a soft grip.     

Adore: 100% polyester. Wear resistance: 88,000 Martindale. Adore’s beautifully knit velour endows the furniture fabric with an elegant look. The fabric is both water and stain resistant.

Facet: 25% polyamide, 75% recycled wool (flat-woven). Wear resistance: 44,000 Martindale. As Facet is beautifully felted in a mixture of wool and acrylic, the furniture fabric feels delightfully soft to the touch. Moreover, the fabric is durable, as recycled yarn was used during its weaving. Facet is not only applicable to private interior designs but lends itself to project interior designs as well.

Trust: 90% polyester, 10% nylon. Wear resistance: 55,000 Martindale. As this fabric’s appearance is naturally soft, Trust invites you to take a seat.

Kenia: 100% leather. As Kenia leather is retrieved from the hides of water buffalos, the leather remains naked, which leads to its characteristically unique character.

Vintage: 100% leather. Vintage leather is a (partially) sanded buffalo or cow hide polished with a wax finish. Thus, the leather has an open structure, which makes it more sensitive to outside effects. Vintage has a rugged, used, and old-fashioned appearance, which is a direct result from the usage of transparent pigments, causing the leather to live. The wax finish ages the leather a bit.

Kaiman: 100% leather. The beautiful embossed motif of a Caiman’s skin is applied to the leather, leading to a natural pattern.

Africa: Africa leather is made from chrome-tanned cow hides. It is a natural type of leather with a finished layer that is treated with aniline dye. Through using extremely strong grain skins and fixation, Africa sports a somewhat more delicate, hairy character with a slight fracturing effect. As a result of this treatment, this leather has a beautiful appearance in which you can easily recognise nature’s authenticity.  


For every three tables sold we plant back a tree! Found out what else we do for sustainability.
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  • Harry | 25 May 2020 | 11:50:57 AM

    Echt mooie bank. Zit ook goed.


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