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Showroom Heeze (Eindhoven area) now open every monday, too!

Our showroom in Heeze can be visited every Monday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from now on. Just like the showrooms in Utrecht and Deventer. Feel free to come and visit us!

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A tree trunk table is an excellent choice if you’d like to dine at a robust dining table every day and prefer a natural look for your home. Did you know that you’re the director of your own tree trunk table at Table du Sud? In our own workshop in Heeze we apply ourselves to manufacture your dream table for you.


Types of tree trunk table


You’re the director when it comes to the composition of your tree trunk table. Before you can really go into the details, you’ll have to make a choice between the two types of tree trunk tables that we have to offer. The tree trunk tables used as dining tables can be divided in two large groups: Suar tree trunk tables and Oak tree trunk tables. Below you’ll find the difference.


Oak tree trunk table


If you opt for an oak tree trunk table, we’ll get to work with solid French oak. Of course you can determine the specifications of your table yourself. Think of the frame, length, width, finish and colour. Want to know more? Read everything there’s to know about our oak tree trunk tables.


Suar tree trunk table


A tropical tabletop you can enjoy every day. If you choose Suar, we’ll realise that dream for you. Suar is an Indonesian tropical hardwood from which we make tabletops. The uniqueness of these tree trunk tables is that the tabletop consists of just one plank. This means you’ll have a unique table at home of which literally only one is made. Curious about these tables? Check out our Suar tree trunk tables.




If you opt for a Table du Sud tree trunk table, you automatically choose imperfection. That sounds negative, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A tree trunk is unique and the first straight trunk has yet to be found. This means that your tabletop comes with some subtle curves, but remains straight enough for you to easily sit at it with a number of people. Any sharp edges will be removed so you cannot accidentally injure yourself.


This means the straight lines are not perfectly straight, but you can still determine the general dimensions yourself. Think of the length, width and height. During the composition process, you can see exactly which dimensions are possible so you can perfectly match your new table to your wishes.



Having our own workshop gives us the advantage of freedom. We’re happy to assemble your table for you, but of course you don't have to. For example, we also sell separate Suar tree trunk tabletops. View our separate tabletops if you are interested.



How much does a tree trunk table cost?

We cannot give a price per meter because this highly depends on the choices you make. The frame, the length, width and so on. During the composition you can see exactly what influence your choices may or may not have on the final price tag. That way you’ll never be faced with any surprises.


What are the delivery costs of a tree trunk table?

Ground floor delivery is free of charge if your order exceeds €250. Take a look at the delivery page for any additional delivery charges.


What’s the delivery time of a tree trunk table?

You can find an updated delivery time on the page of the tree trunk table itself, on the right-hand side.


Do I get warranty on my tree trunk table?

Of course! All Table du Sud furniture comes with a 12-month warranty. Would you like to know more about this? Read all about our warranty here.


How can I best maintain my tree trunk table?

We make and deliver the tree trunk table, but we’re also happy to help you with maintenance. This way you can enjoy your new dining table even longer! We have plenty of material-specific maintenance products in store.


Can I see tree trunk tables in real life first?

You’ll find a selection of what we have to offer in our showrooms. You can find us in Heeze (near Eindhoven), Utrecht (right on the A2) and Deventer. You don’t need to make an appointment for a visit.


Can I choose my Suar tabletop myself?

You can see which tabletops we have in stock while putting together your table. The pictured tabletops are actual, which means we have those in store at that time. Want to see it in real life? That’s possible in Heeze! In addition to our showroom, you’ll also find our workshop there.


What size tree trunk table is best for me?

Making a final decision might be tough. Try to maintain the balance with the rest of the interior as much as you can. In need of inspiration? Read our blog about the number of chairs at the table.


Do I have to make a down payment?

Before we get started, we ask for a deposit of 10% of the purchase amount.


I'm looking for a dark tree trunk table. Do you have those too?

Yes! For the natural colour, choose the ultra-matte lacquer option when putting together your table. Choose the colour brown for a dark tree trunk table.

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