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Clean lines and bold colors.

When moving house or simply feeling the urge to completely overhaul your home, the question is: which style of home should I go for? All living styles have their own specific characteristics, which can make it hard to choose. To help you, we focus on a few popular living styles so you know exactly what they are and which furniture goes with them.

How about modern living, for example? As far as we're concerned, it's a real winner when it comes to interior design styles, and there's a lot to choose from. On this page, we tell you all about it.

What is a modern interior?

If you look critically at the words 'modern interior design', you might think it is a succession of trends that are linked together from time to time. This is not entirely true. In terms of descriptions, modern living style is the most difficult to describe. This is because this style is close to other living styles with which there is a lot of overlap. Minimalism and the industrial style, for example, have elements that we also see in the modern style.

The term we think fits modern interiors well is: sleek. Clean lines are the common thread within this style of living because they often radiate something 'new'. So if you choose a modern living style, you often choose straight, clean lines for the bases of your tables and chairs, for example. If we had to give a short description of this style of living ourselves, it would be as follows: a clean, minimalist, interior design in which some popular trends and colours can be found.

Modern materials

When we zoom in a little deeper into the materials used within the modern living style, we see a number of popular options appear. For instance, as with the industrial living style, we see a lot of steel and metal passing by. In addition, materials such as leather, plastic and light wood traditionally do well.

If we then link this to furniture, a number of options that fit well within a modern interior immediately appear. For example, consider learning sofas, dining tables with steel bases and sleek furniture such as a beautiful TV furniture or a side table.

Modern colours

Here you have the opportunity to follow the trends. We do want to mention that colours such as black and white traditionally score well within this living style. A nice tip is to keep an eye on the new interiors of living programmes, but also, for example, well-known paint brands that promote the colour of the moment from time to time. Try to find the right balance by not using too many colours in your interior. This will prevent a busy interior that does not match the modern living style.

Modern living room

We hinted above that a modern living room is not overflowing with furniture and accessories. Opt for a sleek sofa without curves and, for example, a concrete coffee table with a steel base. It is also good to think about the colour palette you want to use in your living room. The sofa stands out the most so this is where you immediately set the right tone. Tip: Table du Sud sofas are available in an incredible variety of fabrics, leathers and colours. That means you are bound to find a combination to suit your taste and your new living style. Tip: our coffee tables are available in different materials and sizes.

Modern kitchen

The same applies to the dining room, really. We have many different steel frames that you can have painted in a colour other than black if you wish. Of course, the table top immediately catches the eye, which is why it's good to know that you have plenty of choice here. How about an oak table top in a light colour, for example? We have more than ten different colours for you. In addition, it is also good to know that we sell concrete dining tables. These tables do well within modern and industrial interiors and give a surprising twist to your dining room.

In terms of colour, you don't really have many options until you start focusing on the dining chairs. Our chairs have the most diverse designs and are available in dozens of colours and fabrics. This can be overwhelming, but it does mean that the perfect chair is always among them!

Modern furniture store | Table du Sud

We understand that it can be difficult to buy a complete interior or even one piece of furniture online. We therefore warmly invite you to visit one of our showrooms to get to know different furniture, designs, colours and fabrics. Are you shopping around? Then it would be nice, if you have the opportunity, to drop by in furniture store Utrecht (next to the A2 in The Wall) or furniture store Rotterdam (Woonmall Alexandrium). These are the two largest furniture stores. You can also find us in Heeze and Deventer. Our experts are on hand in all our home improvement stores to help you make choices. Want to be sure you will be helped properly? Then schedule a showroom appointment for product or interior advice. Want to experiment with different designs and colours at home? Then use our 3D sofa configurator and 3D dining table configurator to bring your dream furniture to life. Tip: Is the modern living style just not your thing? Then it's good to know that our furniture also works well within other living styles. Be inspired by the most popular living styles of the moment: industrial, Scandinavian, japandi, hotel chic and country.

Create your own Modern furniture in 3D?

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