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As far as we are concerned, a hotel chic interior is a real winner if you want something totally different. Are you planning to restyle your living room or kitchen, or are you planning a move? Then it is fun to think about a totally new style. A hotel chic living room with all the trimmings will let you enjoy your home to the full.

Are you curious about this style of living and the possibilities you have if you would like to incorporate hotel chic elements into your home? Then you've come to the right page! We are happy to tell you all about hotel chic.

What is hotel chic?

Before we zoom in on the different furniture and choices you can make, it would be nice to share with you what exactly hotel chic is. Perhaps this style already rings a bell or you already know exactly what it means, but for those who don't, here's a brief explanation.

If you look purely at the name, you would expect that we are dealing with a luxury style, hence the name hotel chic. And that's right! This style exudes class, partly because it uses high-quality materials. In terms of bustle, this style is on the quiet side. By this, we mean that there are not too many accessories and a few colours are used instead of the whole rainbow. Putting hotel chic under minimalism is going a bit far, but there is no doubt that it is a peaceful style of living!

Hotel chic materials

Within a hotel chic living room, you will find many different pieces of furniture that you can put together to your liking so that together they form a hotel chic setting. As you have read above, we are looking for a luxurious look. As far as we are concerned, marble and ceramics are real hits when it comes to materials that suit this living style. Ceramic is a lot more interesting than marble in terms of usability if we are honest. This material has the same look as marble, but can better withstand external threats such as heat and cold. In addition, ceramic is less fragile in general and easy to keep clean. We understand if you want to go for real marble to put the icing on the cake in your hotel chic living room. It is then good to know that we sell both ceramic and marble coffee tables that you can put together as you wish.

When we look at sofas, we quickly come to velvet. This fabric is perfect for stealing the show within your hotel-chic living room and exudes 100% class. Our sofas can be upholstered in a wide variety of fabrics and velvet, also known as velvet, is an option. Not a fan of velvet, but still want a hotel chic interior? Then play smart with the colour of your new seating.

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Hotel chic colours

The most luxurious colour out there is, of course, gold. Gold lends itself perfectly to accessories, but can also be used on furniture. Did you know that at Table du Sud you can put together dining tables with a gold base? This is a great way to reflect gold in your hotel-chic kitchen. Other colours that traditionally do well in hotel chic are dark green and burgundy. You can cleverly reflect dark green by adding a few plants to your interior. By the way, you can always choose to incorporate other colours as well. Tip: A matching rug forms the basis of your living room and you can find that too. Match the colour well with the rest to pursue balance to perfection.

Hotel chic furniture

A sofa and coffee table are of course the usual suspects when it comes to furnishing your living room. These are the most eye-catching pieces of furniture, so it is not surprising that you focus on them when creating a hotel chic setting. Hotel chic is pre-eminently a living style that has to rely on accessories and smaller pieces of furniture to complete it.

By the way, you will also find TV furniture, lamps and shelves where you can put your matching wall decorations nicely. Get inspired by all the possibilities and create a hotel chic setting that delights you time and again.

Hotel chic furniture store: Table du Sud!

Putting together furniture can of course be done online, but we understand if you prefer to see what the options are with a real expert. You are more than welcome in our furniture stores. Are you still in the orientation phase? Then a visit to furniture store Utrecht or furniture store Rotterdam is really worth considering. These are our largest showrooms and here you will find everything for your living and dining room. You can also find us in Heeze, not far from where the first Table du Sud furniture was once made. Nice to know: the furniture store in Heeze is literally adjacent to the workshop. During your tour of the showroom, you can see our craftsmen working on all kinds of furniture in the background. Finally, you will also find us in Deventer. Tip: Is the hotel chic living style just not your thing? Then it's good to know that our furniture also works well within other living styles. Be inspired by the most popular living styles of the moment: modern, Scandinavian, japandi, industrial and country.

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