Table top finish

Discover our colours that also procide protection for your furniture.

Table du Sud makes your taste. In addition to the design of the furniture, you can also determine the color of your custom furniture yourself!

Our furniture is colored in our workshop in Heeze. This allows us to deliver the best quality and offer you so many options. Read on for more information about the possibilities.

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Oak finishes

Above you see an overview of the colors we offer for our oak furniture. Each treatment is based on a special oil or lacquer for furniture that is used intensively. There will be no circles and stains and you can just put a cup of hot tea on the table without a coaster, there will be no (white) circles. Be careful with red wine, for example, don't leave it on the table all night, as the stain will eventually soak into the wood. By applying the ultra matt lacquer, the wood retains its untreated look. This treatment ensures that your table is very well protected.

The tables treated with our lacquer are maintenance-free.

Other materials

You'll find various other materials In our collection such as ceramics, marble, but also fenix and concrete. These materials have their own specific colours/finishes. Please refer to the relevant product information.

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More than 20 finishes

Curious about the process of our finishes?

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