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Iroko wood

Sustainable hardwood

Iroko is an African hardwood with the highest durability class, which does not work much on its own. We combine this hardwood with little effect with a very high-quality oil for outdoor tables.

It is important to know that wood outside always grays quickly. This can hardly be prevented. An outdoor table always suffers more than an indoor table, so cracks in the wood are unavoidable.

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Eigenschappen & kenmerken

Iroko wood thrives best free from rain. We therefore recommend that you place your Iroko table under a canopy.


Weather influences (rain, sun, snow and differences in temperature) cause changes in the appearance of your garden tables. This can cause small cracks in the wood. This does not affect the sturdiness and durability of the table.


Over time, under the influence of the sun, the leaves will start to gray. We like this! Would you rather not? Then check the maintenance advice!

Werking & onderhoud

Iroko wood is a hardwood and hardwood is known for minimal effect. So that also applies to our Iroko outdoor tables!


The minimal space between the planks ensures that cracks can occur as little as possible due to the possible action of the wood. This does not mean that no cracking will occur. Wood remains a natural product.


We strongly advise against covering the table with a plastic sheet. Due to the sun, the boards will gray nicely after a few months. If you want to prevent this, we strongly recommend treating the table with oil once or twice a year. Tip: first unscrew the top (from the bottom) before you start maintenance. This prevents the frame from being damaged unnecessarily.

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