We don't do Black Friday

At Table du Sud, you will find the most competitive prices for custom-made products from our own workshop all year round. We therefore let Black Friday pass by. Want to design your new table yourself? Open our 3D configurator.

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Table du Sud opts for Make To Order

But what is make-to-order?

At Table du Sud we continuously adjust our production process to perfection. Tables made with care, completely tailored to your wishes, delivered to your home as soon as possible. With that objective, we roll up our sleeves every day.

To make this possible, we opted for the make to order system.

Make to order (mto) sounds spectacularbut that isn’t the case to be honest. Make to order means that we do not stock any dining table. We only start producing as soon as your order comes in. After you have shared your wishes with us, it's time to create a table is that requires customization. In other words: we will make the table top and table legs exactly as you want!

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Why this choice?

Of course it sounds very tempting to build up a large stock so that we can send tables immediately when an order is placed. However, we believe that this is not a good fit for us. Every customer is different and has specific wishes. In addition, you can choose from different shapes such as oval and rectangular, but also from different materials and bases. In other words, the choice is huge and it is up to you to put together your dream table.

You see. There are 1001 and possibilities (yes really) to create the ultimate table and that's why it's crazy to have at least one of each table in stock. We prefer to deliver tailor-made order! This way we ensure that our workshop is not overflowing and that we have enough space to make your dream table. Make to order, make to impress!

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