Wabi-sabi and Hygge: a surprisingly successful marriage

Japandi has a lot to offer. Read everything about this brand new style!

Two terms you may never have heard of, but terms you may already have seen without knowing it! The party starts with the popular new living style Japandi. The quick thinkers among us will immediately see the combination between Japan and Scandinavia.

Maybe not the partners in crime you’d expect when looking for a nice living style, but definitely worth considering! These are the two basic elements that led to Japandi:

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Japandi: two styles in one!

Wabi-sabi: the art of omitting

All well and good, those terms, but what exactly is wabi-sabi? If we zoom in on Japandi and Japan, it won’t be long until we run into wabi-sabi. And we are not talking about a new sushi dish, but about a complete philosophy that also includes a living style, in this case Japandi. Many Japanese are wabi-sabi. The philosophy embraces imperfection, the power of omission and incompleteness. All very nice, but I can hear you thinking: “and how do I reflect this in my interior?” Wabi-sabi stands for minimalism, simplicity, and natural colours, such as grey, beige and ecru. In terms of material, you should especially think of wood and natural stone.

Hygge: Danish cosiness

Let’s take an imaginary plane and leave Japan to visit Denmark. There we find the Scandinavian living style that’s surprisingly close to the Japanese style and Hygge. Hygge is a word that can hardly be captured by a definition. We Dutch have the word “gezelligheid” and that comes closest. Cosiness, sociability, hygge: a feeling that you like to evoke with your interior. And in that “hygge interior” we find natural materials, a pinch of retro, cosy places and most importantly a lot of atmosphere. In short, an interior where people live and above all enjoy themselves.

Bring Japandi to your home and make it Hygge

Mix & match

The world of living styles, interior ideas and new furniture never comes to a standstill. As you have read above, the Danish and Japanese living styles have a lot in common. When we really throw these styles in the mixer we get... yes... Japandi! The great thing about two styles is that you have a wider palette to choose from when decorating a space, and you can pick elements from either style to exactly match your taste. As far as we are concerned, Japandi is definitely worth considering!

Do you choose Japandi?

At Table du Sud, you’ll find all kinds of furniture that fit perfectly in a Japandi interior. Has this living style sparked your interests? Then read everything about Japandi, discover the furniture that belongs to the style and read more about all other interior styles. We are happy to inspire you!

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