Working from home

De ideale thuiswerkplek

Working from home: ideal for some, impossible for others. There is but one consolation: we’re all in this together. This offers even more incentive to investigate what will be the best way for you to work from home properly.


A good start is half the battle

And what does it all start with? Right, the table. Do you prefer a separate office for you alone? Then a custom-made desk is ideal. Of course, you can also work from a dinner table, but then an upgrade might be necessary. Need inspiration? Take a look at our products for your home office.

Because all our tables are manufactured at our own workshop in Heeze, you can decide on both measurements and its finishing! This is especially handy when you are looking for a suitable desk. As this table is entirely yours, you would want to move as freely as possible, which is why the table legs at both end faces are ideal. We all use oak tables with 8x4 U-legs at our own office, and we’re extremely satisfied! Of course, you can also work from home from one of our other tables. Thinking of something else? Please get in touch with us, as we are happy to think along.


Multitasking at the dinner table

It is easy to concentrate in your own office but working from the dinner table is at least as homey and cosy. As a result, you could look for a multifunctional table that both serves as a working table, but also as a beautiful dinner table, craft table etc. You could pick a rectangular table, but both oval and round tables are also viable options.


Sit comfortably

You sit more comfortably behind a good desk. Of course, a good chair is just as important. On average, most people spend eight hours sitting behind their desk, so make sure to choose a chair that is both soft and supports your back properly. We have desk chairs in many different styles, so it won’t deviate from the rest of your interior design. Besides, you can choose between chairs with wheels and chairs with swivel seats.

Do you have a chair with a set height? Then it may be advisable to adjust your desk height in advance. Is your chair height adjustable? Then you’re free to explore your ideal posture later. If you are looking for more information, read our blog about the ideal desk height.


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