Everything you want to know about soft minimalism

Are you a fan of this striking style?

Within the world of furniture, we’re constantly discovering new living styles. We often give these living styles their own twist, which in turn leads to the creation of new styles. Do you still follow?

This time around we take a closer look at minimalism, a super fun living style for fans of, you guessed it, a minimalist touch. Curious how you bring this style into your home? In this blog we tell you all the ins & outs!

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What is soft minimalism?

Nice and all, those trendy terms, but what does soft minimalism actually mean? If we explore this term further, we don’t really find any surprises. Minimalism refers to the overall appearance of the living style. Minimalist means that not too many colours are used and that the interior is fairly sleek, without many additional accessories and other fuss.

Minimalism is a living style in itself and soft minimalism is one of its variants. Soft minimalism is basically a warmer, cosier version of minimalism. Pure minimalism can sometimes come across as cold and too sleek, and that’s not the case with its soft little brother. 

Colour use

The use of colour within your living style is very important. It completes your interior and an incorrect application suddenly makes the style look completely different. If we zoom in on soft minimalism, we notice that we’re dealing with relatively light colours. Variants of white, beige and grey are dominant. Of course it’s possible to vary a bit with, for example, light blue and light green tones.

Living styles

If soft minimalism is your thing, we have some good news. We have further expanded upon a number of living styles for you. The Scandinavian and Japandi living styles come close to soft minimalism, mostly in terms of appearance and colour use.

Be inspired and take a look at this living style. Especially in the case of a move or a restyling, it’s nice to discover what the possibilities are.

Customised at Table du Sud

In order to have your new furniture perfectly matched with your living style, it’s smart to opt for customisation. At Table du Sud we pride ourselves on always offering tailor-made solutions. This gives you the opportunity to compose your dining tables completely according to your wishes. A Danish oval dining table might be a nice option for you!

In addition, it’s good to know that we also sell sofas. One of the absolute highlights of our collection is the modern Donna sofa. This sofa can literally be tuned from head to toe. Whether it's the shape, the colour, the material, the thickness of the cushions, or the shape of the frame legs: literally everything can be adjusted to your taste!

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