Buying a dining table online? This is how!

Get the perfect dining table with these tips & tricks

Buying a dining table is not something you do overnight. It’s a significant investment, one you want to enjoy for years to come. However, more and more people choose to order their dining table online due convenience and the abundance of options. We have created a beautiful website for you, where you can order your dining table in peace.

But how exactly does this work? The aim of this blog is to show you! This way you can make sure you have considered all options and won’t be faced with any surprises..

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What size dining table do I actually need? What colour looks best in our kitchen or dining room? How big should my dining table be if I have six chairs? These are the kind of questions you need to ask yourself before you start composing your dream table… 

To help make the best decisions, we have some handy tools for you to use. For example, there’s cutting patterns in different shapes (think of regular oval, Danish oval and the popular pebble shape), so you can easily see what size fits your interior; all from the comfort of your own home! That way you will never be faced with any surprises. And then the colour… Fortunately, we have something for that too! With the Table du Sud colour samples, you can see how certain colours match (or don’t match) with the rest of your interior. Isn’t that amazing?! If you’re looking for more inspiration, please read our blog about the number of chairs at your table. This will help you make your decisions!


Step 1: the shape

Naturally, the shape of your table is very important. If you’ve already decided on a shape, you can skip this step and go straight to our product range. Not sure yet which shape fits your interior best? Do some research first! It’s important you ask yourself exactly what you expect from your new dining table. Do you opt for a classic rectangular table, a square dining table, or do you want something more original and do you go for a Danish oval or a pebble-shaped dining table? We have many shapes for you. Become inspired and make the choice that suits you and your lifestyle. 


Step 2: the material

Another one of those typical, all-important features is the material. It might take you a while before you’re sure of the correct one, so let’s get to work. One of our specialties is working with quality oak, but of course we have more than just one type in store for you! During ordering, you’ll discover many variants of oak, making you the director of your new dining table! 

By the way, oak wood is only the tip of the iceberg. We also like to work with Suar (the tropical wood from which we make our tree trunk tables), Fenix and walnut. Even if you’re looking for a dining table without a wooden tabletop, Table du Sud is the right place! Check out our concrete, ceramic and marble dining tables. You’ll find these tables’ specific properties on the materials pages. Did you know we also make oak tree trunk tables? Truly beautiful!


Step 3: choosing a dining table

You should see a proverbial checkmark near the material and shape boxes. That means you can start sorting out your dining table! In the menu you can easily navigate to the shape and material of your choice. Voila, now you’ll only see dining tables that meet your wishes. The following dining tables all have their own style and frame. Good to know: the pictured tables merely serve as indicators. This means the furniture isn’t delivered exactly as the pictures show, because you’re the one that determines the properties of your dining table yourself. But more about that later!


Step 4: size

Oh, look! We've talked about this before and by now you should have some ideas. After you’ve selected a dining table, click on the “'Configure yourself” button. The next screen will allow you to compose your dining table yourself. The first property we ask of you is the size of your new furniture. Here you can immediately see what sizes are available for your type of dining table. We’re talking about length, width, and height.

Step 5: optional finish

In the case of an oak dining table, you’ll get the opportunity to determine the appearance of the wood. There are three options: new oak, lived oak and refined oak. We advise lived oak if you’re looking for a rural table with character. Lived oak means we leave the knots and cracks as nature formed them. If you’re thinking of the absolute opposite of this, then it might be best to go for refined oak. Refined oak wood is specially selected and contains virtually no knots and cracks. We offer the golden mean in the form of new oak. New oak does have some knots and cracks, but these will be filled for you. This will give the tabletop a sleek, smooth look.

Step 6: the colour

You should already have some ideas colour-wise as well. When you think of an oak table, you may immediately conjure up a classic wood look. The same probably goes for marble and ceramics, where you might think of a white colour with dark veins. But we have so much more to offer at Table du Sud! When it comes to wood, you can choose from more than ten different colours. There are also many different flavours for ceramic (9), Fenix (8), concrete (4) and marble (3). This way there’s always a colour that matches well with the rest of your interior!

Step 7: edge finish

It's all in the details. We’d love to finish the edge of your tabletop for you, as well. Of course, you can go with a standard edge finish here, which is straight by default. You can also go for a 20-degree edge. In that case, we mill the entire edge of the tabletop away at an angle of 20 degrees. This way the thickness of the tabletop will be maintained optically. Prefer something a little bit more special? Then go for a facet edge, which means 12mm of the tabletop’s edge is left as it were, while the remaining part is milled away at an angle of 60 degrees. We generally describe the facet edge as a rejuvenation of the tabletop, as it makes the edge appear more slender and subtle.

Step 8: finish of your frame

In the case of a steel frame, you can go with a classic steel look. This fits well in an industrial living style, as both the welds and imperfections remain visible. Do you prefer a smooth finish? Then we’d love to give your frame a powder coat! In that case, you can choose between white and black.

Be patient and enjoy!

You’ll find the current relevant delivery times on the page of your specific dining table. Our delivery guys deliver to you for free on the ground floor if your order value exceeds €250.-. Good to know: we provide custom work from our own workshop, which means we can only get started when we receive your order. We don’t have any stock and we make your dining table specifically for you. This means that you can no longer adjust your order after completing it. So be sure to give some serious thought to the characteristics of your dining table!

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