How to organise an elegant Christmas party!

Discover our tips to style your christmas table

Christmas is right around the corner and everybody’s focus is on fun and good food. 

Simply lovely! Christmas can be even more fun in a beautiful setting. But how do you make sure that your Christmas table is perfectly set?

In this blog we share a number of styles and tips that allow you to go all out for Christmas. Become inspired and enjoy the cosiest time of the year!

Christmas styling tips | Table du Sud
Christmas styling tips | Table du Sud
Christmas styling tips | Table du Sud

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Colours, colours, and more colours

We’re all familiar with the traditional Christmas colours. Red and green returns in many interiors and remains the safe choice if you have a classic Christmas setting in mind. But why not try something different this year? Match your Christmas decoration with the living style you have or try out a completely new style!

To help you, we have highlighted a number of living styles and linked them to several different colours so that you can combine to your heart's content. The modern living style is and remains popular. You can never go wrong with light colours such as white, a touch of gold and grey. Gold and silver obviously go well with Christmas and those could serve as a nice foundation for your styling.

If you really want to go for something different, we recommend original living styles such as Japandi and hotel chic. Japandi is a striking combination of Japanese and Scandinavian, while hotel chic focuses on a more luxurious look. What about fitting colours? Dark green and black go with hotel chic and natural colours such as beige terra and gold fit well with Japandi.

Everybody can learn to decorate

It goes without saying that the classic red candles, holly, and wreaths are beautiful, but why don’t you twist things up this year? Before you start the Christmas dinner, stretch your legs and go for a lovely walk in the woods. Take a small pair of pruning shears to trim a few sprigs of spruce/coniferous trees or holly and place them on your set Christmas table as decoration. This way you literally bring nature into your home and it also smells wonderful. Happen to come across pinecones? Then bring those as well! You can also easily incorporate these natural beauties into your decor. Oh, and after a brisk walk that cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream will taste even better!

And will you go with a tablecloth or a table runner this year? Here too the possibilities in terms of colour and material are endless. Try to stick to your general theme though, so everything fits together nicely. For example, do you have a Japandi or modern living style? Make sure to subtly reflect this in your Christmas styling.

Festival of light

By playing with light you can create some beautiful effects. Especially in this dark time of year, lights provide a warm and cosy vibe. Just think of the gardens that will be beautifully decorated in the run-up to Christmas.

The luxury of your home is the freedom to do whatever you want. In this area you can really go in any direction. For instance, let the dimmers of your lighting do the work and opt for slightly less light. What was already cosy will become even cosier! In addition, candles always provide a festive atmosphere, so enjoy yourself to your heart's content with separate candlesticks, twisted candles, candles in matching colours, golden tea light holders and much more. Additional tip: are you having a Christmas dinner with children? Then play it safe and opt for electric candles!

You can also place light sources on the walls, doors, and windows in the immediate vicinity of your Christmas table. Think of wreaths, stars, and other decorations. The light that comes from this only adds to the atmosphere!

Choose a nice twist

Making a nice Christmas decoration yourself doesn’t have to take a lot of time. During the Christmas period it’s also a fun activity to do with your children. For example, how about drying orange slices for decoration? You can easily dry them yourself in an oven. Don't feel like it or don't have the time? Dried slices are also available in the stores.

Final tip: keep it simple! Do you have some baubles left after decorating the Christmas tree? Then use them as decoration on the Christmas table!

Christmas styling tips | Table du Sud
Christmas styling tips | Table du Sud
Christmas styling tips | Table du Sud

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