Everything you want (and need!) to know about asymmetrical dining tables

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With an asymmetrical or organic dining table, you bring a unique piece of furniture into your home. Did you know that in addition to asymmetrical dining tables, we also have other furniture with organic shapes? With such a piece of furniture you really get something original!

But what is an asymmetrical piece of furniture and what should you consider when you're about to buy a new table? In this blog, we take you to the world of distinct shapes and show you its possibilities.

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So what exactly is aymmetric?

There used to be a lot less choice in terms of table shapes. Most families had an ordinary, large rectangular or round table and that was it. Nowadays, we constantly see new trends erupting, which always results in new shapes. For example, we see that asymmetrical shapes are growing and growing in popularity.

But what exactly is asymmetric? Technically, it's a shape where both halves are not equal when you divide them exactly in half. Suppose you split a circle or a square, then both parts are equal. In the case of a waterdrop, this isn't the case. In the latter case we speak of an asymmetrical shape.

What is the difference between asymmetric and organic?

If you're looking for an original piece of furniture, chances are you'll see the terms asymmetrical and organic. Organic falls under the category of asymmetric, but is a bit more specific. For example, an organic shape is a natural shape. In other words: a shape you find in nature. Think of boulders, drops, and plants.

Dimensions of an asymmetrical table

Of course, the dimensions of your new purchase are very important. And especially in the case of a different shape, it's crucial that your purchase matches your new dining room or kitchen. At Table du Sud, we sell beautiful pebble-shaped dining tables, where one part of the tabletop is clearly narrower than the other part. That's why it can be difficult to choose the right dimensions, especially in combination with the placement of your dining chairs.

But how do you handle it? In any case, it's smart to take the measurements of your old table as a basis if you're going to replace it. If you're moving to a new home, that's of course not possible. In that case, get yourself a roll of tape and measure the contours of your ideal size on the floor. Still in doubt? Then visit one of our showrooms in Heeze, Utrecht, or Deventer and kill two birds with one stone. Get someappropriate advice from one of our experts and come admire the furniture in real life. This way you can see exactly what's possible!

Pebble-shaped dining tables

The hobbyhorse of our asymmetrical collection is the pebble-shaped dining table. If you go for this table, you really get an eye-catcher at home that never gets boring and with which you can vary considerably if you have some space. This way you can reverse the position of the wide part after a year to create a new look.

At Table du Sud, you always get custom work and that also applies to the pebble-shaped dining tables. This asymmetrical table is available in different materials and with different frames. In addition, we have several options in the field of oak. Consider, for example, a tabletop with knots and cracks or go for a smooth variant.

Pebble-shaped coffee tables

Are you a fan of the pebble shape, but don't need a dining table? Then it's good to know that we also sell pebble-shaped coffee tables. An asymmetrical set of pebble-shaped tables offers you a nice opportunity to give your living room a boost.

If you go for asymmetrical coffe tables, you also have a lot You also have a lot of influence on the appearance of your new purchase with the asymmetrical coffee tables. Create the perfect mix of material, colour, and size and get a beautiful coffee table at home. Tip: looking for a good example? Then take a look at the pebble-shaped coffee table set Gabri.

Other furniture
De asymmetrische vormen zijn populair op dit moment binnen de wereld van tafels, maar andere meubels bieden je ook voldoende mogelijkheden om aparte vormen te bouwen. Wat dacht je bijvoorbeeld van asymmetrische TV kasten of kasten? Stel ze helemaal naar smaak samen en haal een combinatie van een prachtig en opvallend design én een goede functionaliteit in huis.

The asymmetrical shapes are currently popular in the world of tables, but other furniture also offers you plenty of options to create unusual shapes. How about asymmetrical TV cabinets or cabinets, for example? Compose them completely to your taste and get a combination of a beautiful, striking design and good functionality.

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