Maintenance Fenix tables

Keep your Fenix table in the best possible condition with our tips.

Do you have a Fenix ​​table? Then it might be smart to spend some time on maintenance every now and then. This way your table looks like new every day and will last for yeaaars to come.

But what’s the best way to maintain a Fenix ​​table? To give you a helping hand, we’ll do a maintenance deep dive in this blog.

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What exactly is Fenix?

To better understand how you can clean your Fenix ​​table, it’s useful to know how exactly the material is constructed. Fenix ​​is ​​a thin sheet material with a nano-tech coating. This sheet material is made of paper (more than 60%) and thermosetting resin. The outer surface is treated with a new generation acrylic resin, which is hardened and fixed through an electron beam curing process. Pretty technical talk, but the result is a surface with an exceptionally matte and soft structure. Want to know more? Read everything about Fenix here


Minor maintenance: cleaning

Good food, a game night, or a nice drink together, those are the most common moments for stains to appear. The good part? They don’t require a lot of maintenance. The advantage of Fenix ​​is ​​that “a quick cleaning” literally takes almost no time. Use a damp cloth and you’ll see any stains disappear like snow in the sun 9 out of 10 times.


Wonder sponge from Table du Sud

At Table du Sud we like to think along with you about the maintenance of your table. After all, that brand new table has to stay beautiful! When you purchase your Fenix ​​dining or coffee table, you’ll receive a so-called miracle sponge from us. This sponge allows you to get rid of small scratches and irregularities.

id om kleine krasjes en oneffenheden weg te boenen.

Major maintenance

Sometimes you get that feeling that your table could use a good freshening up. It’s good to know that we have the right resources for this at Table du Sud. In the Fenix maintenance package you’ll find sponges, a cloth and a specialised cleaning agent with which you can thoroughly clean your Fenix ​​table. Are you looking for maintenance products for other materials? Then take a look at our maintenance products


Fenix ​​in all shapes and sizes at Table du Sud

Perhaps you’re looking for a new table and Fenix belongs to the options. At Table du Sud, you’re the director of your own table. Think of the colour, the dimensions, and the shape of your table. We have rectangular Fenix tables, round Fenix tables, and oval Fenix tables in store for you. Be inspired by all the possibilities and who knows, you just might find your dream table among them!

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