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Are you a fan of the Japandi living style? Good news! At Table du Sud we have several sofas for you that feel like fish in water within this original living style. Are you looking for a Japandi sofa or are you curious as to what Japandi exactly is? Quickly read on! We have listed all relevant information for you on this page.


What is a Japandi sofa?


Japandi is a term you don't hear every day. The Japandi living style is relatively new, but rapidly gaining in popularity. If we dissect Japandi, we find both Japan and Scandinavia in the name. That's because Japandi is a mix of these two living styles. This seems a bit strange, but it really works in reality. Japandi is ideal if you’re primarily looking for a soothing style.


Lived oak furniture, tree trunk edges and organic shapes; elements that fit well within the Japandi style. However, those are really only the tip of the iceberg, Japandi also stands for the power of simplicity, in other words: less is more. Many of our sofas are Japandi because you can compose them in such a way that they complete your living style (think of material and colour). To complete the picture: peace, safety and warmth is your goal if you’re looking for Japandi! 


Types of Japandi sofas


First of all, it’s good to know that our pictured sofas merely scratch the surface. In fact, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. All sofas shown are available in different sizes, shapes, materials and colours. At Table du Sud you compose your own sofa and you have an incredible amount of freedom. In terms of shapes/types you can choose from:


Japandi corner sofas


A Japandi corner sofa could just as well be called a key to success. How so? Well, not only does it give your home a Japandi showpiece, it also allows you to use your space extremely effectively. This way you can furnish your living room ideally. Win win!


Japandi U-shaped sofas


Are you looking for the largest possible sofa? Then the U-shaped sofa is the solution for you. You get a large sofa at home that allows you to curl up with your entire family. 


Japandi 2-, 3- and 4-seater


Table du Sud is also the right place for a relatively small and compact 2-seater. A tad too small for you? No problem! You compose your sofa yourself, so there’s the option of going for a 3- or 4-seater, too.


Different materials


At Table du Sud, the sofas are available in different designs, but in different materials as well. This means there’s a lot of freedom in this area. We have several types of leather in store for you, each with their own unique properties. Tip: view our leather sofas for extra inspiration and explanation.


Of course, we have many fabrics in store for you. From the softest fabrics such as velvet to the somewhat rougher and harder fabrics. In short, the possibilities are (almost) endless. Would you like to see which fabric suits you at your own leisure? Then order our materials chart. On this chart you’ll find a number of fabrics so you can get a feel for them too!


Choose colour


One of the most important decisions to make when buying a Japandi sofa is choosing the colour. But how do you ensure that you’re perfectly happy with your new sofa after delivery? Of course you can never be 100% sure, but there are a number of factors that you can take into account to significantly increase your odds.


Our first advice is to map out the entire living room instead of focusing entirely on your new Japandi sofa. For example, think of the colour of the walls, a possible rug and the other furniture. If your new colour matches well with these, chances are you've got yourself a winner!


In addition, light plays a major role when it comes to colours. For example, do you have a living room with windows on 3 sides? Then a dark grey sofa will probably appear a lot lighter because of the sunlight. It also works the other way around. In the absence of (day)light, a colour will suddenly appear darker.


Japandi? Or something else?


Japandi is a new living style with a growing fanbase. Not what you're looking for? Then the other listed living styles might be a good starting point. For example, be inspired by the Scandinavian living style, which has many similarities with Japandi. Or maybe you’re more about a rural or industrial style.  Anyway, check them all out and find out if there's something for you!


Frequently asked questions about our Japandi sofa


What does a Japandi sofa cost?

Our sofas are available in different designs, sizes, materials and colours. The choices you make during composition affect the price.


What is the delivery time of a Japandi sofa?

You’ll find the current delivery time on the page of your sofa. These are current delivery times that are immediately adjusted if the situation changes. That way you won't ever be faced with any surprises.


What are the delivery costs of a Japandi sofa?

Delivery on the ground floor is free of charge if your order value exceeds €250.-. Please see our delivery page for any additional delivery charges.


Do I get a warranty on my Japandi sofa?

Yes, of course! All Table du Sud furniture comes with a 12-month warranty. Want to know more? Read all about our warranty here.


Do I have to make a down payment?

For online purchases we ask for a small deposit of 10% of the purchase amount.


Can I see the Japandi sofa in real life first?

You’ll find a large part of our offer In our showrooms. The sofas in the showrooms are available in different sizes, designs, materials and colours. Drop by in Heeze (near Eindhoven), Utrecht (in The Wall on the A2) and Deventer. You don’t need to make an appointment for a visit.


Do you also sell other furniture for the living room?

Of course! Check out our armchairs, rugs, tv-furniture and wall shelves.


What does Japandi mean?

Japandi is a combination of Japan and Scandinavia, two cultures and living styles that seem to have little in common at first glance but form a beautiful mix in reality. Want to know more? Read our blog about wabi-sabi and hygge.

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