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You can sit and feel relaxed and comfortable around oval dining tables, which are fast gaining popularity. Now available in walnut!

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After years of round and then rectangular tables, oval tables are now becoming popular. Just a little less rigid and formal than a rectangular table thanks to their rounded corners, which also mean they can seat more people. This table owes its beautiful characteristic appearance to the walnut top. Walnut has a beautiful grain structure with an intense deep color with flames that provide nuances. The metal base gives the table an industrial raw edge.

The table top is made of American walnut with a thickness of 4 cm. All blades are provided with a very high-quality scratch-resistant paint in our own modern spray booth. This gives the table an unique quality appearance and ensures that your tabletop is very well protected against circles and stains.

Oval, semi-oval or rather a semi-circle? Click through to the next step and you will see all the options. This allows you to deviate from the standard sizes and add a facet edge if desired.

For every three tables sold we plant back a tree! Found out what else we do for sustainability.
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Straight finish for a robust appearance is standard. The sharp edges are neatly milled.

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    Cutting pattern (Danish) oval table

    Maintenance products

    We understand that it's difficult to imagine how big your (Danish) oval table will actually be in your house. We offer you the solution: the Table du Sud (Danish) oval table cutting pattern! Unfortunately, we regularly receive e-mails from customers who have ordered the new oval table too small. The price for the pattern is insignificant when compared to switching to a larger table top. After using the pattern you will receive a refund of € 20 when ordering the table!
    € 30.00 P/S

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