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Oak legs

Dining tables oak legs

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All wood or in part? A real piece of nature. Are you going for a timeless look in your interior? Then the oak frame of Table du Sud is the way to go! These are tables with character, perfect for lovers of that robust look. Frame and tabletop The oak tables of Table du Sud consist of an oak top and a matching frame made of... oak. So all wood. The robust A-frame gives the table a warm character. Do you prefer a playful table? Then the Trapeze or the X-shape will suit you. Or does the well-known H-frame (possible with intermediate beam) really match you and your interior? You don't only choose your favourite frame, you also have a choice of three different thicknesses in terms of the tabletop. Are you going for 5, 6 or 8 centimeters of French oak? In addition, you can combine the oak frame with other types of tabletops, for example a concrete table—giving it a nice warm look. We make it for you And as always: do you have the perfect picture in mind? Then we'll turn it into reality!  

Gold legs

Dining tables golden legs

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A dining table with a golden frame, does that sound like music to your ears? Then you've come to the right place at Table du Sud! Take the plunge and go for a dining table with golden legs from our own workshop. This dining table will undoubtedly shine in your dining room or kitchen! On this page we have listed all the relevant information about our gold-framed tables. Types of dining tables with golden frame The advantage of having our own workshop is that we work both quickly and efficiently with the most diverse materials. If you've ever had your eye on a gold frame, it's good to know that we have several materials to choose from. Oak Oak wood in combination with golden legs is (we think) a wonderful combination. Did you know that you have a lot to choose from when it comes to oak? While putting together your new acquisition, you’ll discover all kinds of options and details. For example, do you go for standard oval or Danish oval? And would you like a lived oak tabletop with knots and cracks or do you prefer a super sleek top? It's all possible. Read all about our oak wood and make your choice. Ceramics The looks of marble combined with a lot of advantages when it comes to user-friendliness. Ceramic can take a lot and is easy to clean. Definitely worth considering, in our opinion! Marble A classic that we’ve seen in our homes for centuries on end, something that certainly won’t change in the coming years. That’s why we’re proud to be able to offer you beautiful Italian marble, in all kinds of shapes! Bring a piece of history into your home and enjoy your new acquisition. Frames from our own workshop In our workshop in Heeze, Brabant, we’re busy day in and out with crafting the most diverse tabletops, but did you know that we also make our frames ourselves? The original frame naturally has that familiar steel look, but we’re happy to spray it gold for you in our special paint shop. Frequently asked questions about our dining tables with gold frame     How much does a dining table with a gold frame cost? You can compose your new table online in no time. During the composition process you make choices that suit you, and after making such a choice you immediately see how it affects the price.     What is the delivery time of a dining table with golden legs? You’ll find the delivery time on the page of your table. These delivery times are current and will immediately be adjusted if the situation changes. This way you know exactly where you stand when placing your order.     What are the delivery costs? Delivery on the ground floor is free if your order value exceeds €250. Would you like to know more details about delivery, such as delivery to another floor or any possible additional costs? View all information on our delivery page.     Can I see the dining tables in real life? You’ll find part of our range in our showrooms in Heeze, Utrecht, and Deventer. Our experienced showroom employees are ready to introduce you to all materials, designs, and colours. You don’t need to make an appointment for a visit.     Do you also give appropriate advice? Yes, of course! If you’re looking for extensive and free interior advice, you have come to the right place. Schedule your appointment yourself and we’ll happily welcome you!     Do you make the tables yourself? That's right. Our workshop is literally adjacent to the showroom in Heeze. During your tour of the showroom, you might just see our craftsmen in the background, busy making tables. Curious about the process? This is how it’s made.     Do you also spray the frames yourself? That's right. Our workshop is literally adjacent to the showroom in Heeze. During your tour of the showroom, you might just see our craftsmen in the background, busy making tables. Curious about the process? This is how it’s made.     Do I get a warranty on my table? Table du Sud comes with a 12-month warranty on all furniture. Exceptions to this are the showroom models and furniture from the Second chance series.     Can I change my order later? We work without stock, which means we specifically work for you. This is why it isn’t possible to adjust your order later.

Metal legs

Dining tables steel legs

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Industrial and versatile Where it all started: tables with steel frames. Our specialty and also one of our favorite pieces of furniture to make. The tables with a steel frame are industrial and completely according to the latest trends, but they are also very versatile. Thanks to a variety of designs, you can place them in modern, Scandinavian and even classic interiors. Made in our own workshop In our product range you will find quite a lot of different steel frames. They have one thing in common: they are all made by people with a passion in our beautiful Brabant. Since we produce our own tables with steel frames, we can offer you tables of a great quality for a reasonable price. In addition, you can combine it yourself the way you want, so it's always made especially for you.

Stainless-steel legs

Dining tables stainless steel legs

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Really glitzy! If you are looking for a real eye-catcher, you have come to the right place. You will steal the show with a stainless-steel frame. Completely sleek or with contrast Stainless steel frames are often combined with an oak or Suar tabletop. You can have an oak tabletop executed smoothly by choosing the option "new oak". This makes the surface smooth and in combination with a stainless-steel frame, the table has a modern appearance. Do you opt for lived oak or even a Suar tabletop? Then the table really will be the center of attention. The glitzy frame emphasises the unique character of these tabletops.


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