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One, two, tree

We really love wood, but our planet as well!

Wood is a beautiful, recyclable and renewable material. Most of our furniture is made from this beautiful material. This means that we are a major user of wood and that also comes with a responsibility.

We're commited to prevent deforestation and that's why we only purchase wood from parties that have the right sustainability quality marks. These quality marks ensure that forests around the world can be preserved through responsible forest management.

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Bomen voor iedereen

Our wood is sustainably sourced, but we take it one step further. In collaboration with Trees for All, Table du Sud replaces one tree for every three tables sold. This is done according to a 1-2 system, whereby one tree is planted in the Netherlands and one abroad.

Trees are the main means of combating climate change. In this way, Table du Sud contributes to a better climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions for the local population abroad.

Nederland & Costa Rica

Costa Rica
The Carara National Park is one of the most biodiverse nature reserves in Central America. Many plant and animal species have disappeared due to large-scale deforestation. Trees for All will plant at least 105,000 trees in the coming years to restore the original nature.

The Netherlands
Spread across the Netherlands, Trees for all has various projects planned. Part of this is the greening of the province of Limburg, whereby more than 190,000 trees and shrubs are planted over a period of three years.

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