Fenix ​​Solid, Fenix ​​Birch and Fenix ​​Unicolor: these are the differences

We ourselves are huge fans of the Fenix material. Not only does it look beautiful, it also offers many advantages and is available in an incredible number of different colours. But what exactly is Fenix ​​and what are the differences between the Fenix ​​lines you can choose from?

To help you on your way, we have collected all relevant information for you in this blog.

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What is Fenix?

Fenix ​​is ​​a thin sheet material with a nano-tech coating. This sheet material is made of paper (more than 60%) and thermosetting resin. The outer surface is treated with a new generation acrylic resin, which is hardened and fixed through an electron beam curing process. Pretty technical talk, but the result is a surface with an exceptionally matte and soft texture. Thanks to the electron beam curing process, the surface has acquired a kind of memory of its own. This memory can be activated by using heat to repair small scratches.   

Fenix Solid

This is Fenix ​​in its purest form. We have had this variant in the collection for a while due to its popularity. 12 mm of solid Fenix ​​that’s for sale in 19 different colours. Of course, you can choose from different shapes and frames for your Fenix Solid table. This way, you can always compose a table that perfectly matches your taste and living style. 

In our 3D builder, you can compose your dining table yourself. During every step you can see how your decisions affect the price, so you won't be faced with any surprises. Beautiful examples of Fenix ​​Solid are the Rectangular Lachaud and the Oval Gap

Fenix Birch

As the name suggests, we use birch wood for these tabletops. The core of the tabletop is made from birch plywood with a layer of Fenix ​​on top. What’s so striking about these tables is that the sides of the tabletops aren’t made of Fenix, but of birch plywood. Good to know: we treat the sides with a clear lacquer so that dirt can’t penetrate into the wood. The thickness of these tables is 40 mm and it’s available in 16 different colours. 

Select Fenix ​​Birch in the 3D builder so you can discover which options are available in no time. Examples of some nice Fenix Birch dining tables are the Oval Pomm and the Round Vazy.

Fenix Unicolor

This is the newest Fenix line at Table du Sud. Because we aim to give our customers as many options as possible, we thought it was high time for a new variant. Fenix ​​Unicolor consists of a top layer of Fenix ​​on a black MDF board. The top thickness is always 40 mm, and the table always has a facet edge. The facet edge slopes 60 degrees inwards. The side of the tabletop is sprayed in the same colour as the top layer, hence the name Unicolor. These tables can also be composed in 16 different colours. 

Examples of Fenix ​​Unicolor tables are: the Rectangular Meryl and the Round Faye.

Always opt for customisation 

At Table du Sud, we work according to the make-to-order principle. This means that we work without stock and only get started when we receive an order. This is mostly because we offer a ton of options and almost every table of ours is unique. When composing your table, you tick the options and after submitting your order we’ll get straight to work for you. Would you like to know how we make your table from head to toe? This is how it’s made!

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