Ceramics, a beautiful and sustainable choice!

You may have heard of ceramics before. As far as we’re concerned, ceramics is one of the most underestimated materials when it comes to durability and maintenance. Our high-quality ceramics are perfect for making dining tables and garden tables.

In this blog, we tell you more about the sustainability of this material. We do this by answering a number of frequently asked questions.

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What is ceramics?

Ceramics is an industrially manufactured product, with the natural material clay as its main component. The clay is pressed under extremely high pressure and then fired at a high temperature. This creates a light, but very strong material that’s extremely scratch-resistant and can withstand high and low temperatures. We have listed all information about this material on our page about ceramics.

Why is ceramics a sustainable choice?

After reading the above you’ll see why ceramics is a very strong and durable material. This means you can enjoy your new garden or dining table for years to come. That’s exactly the reason why a ceramic table is a sustainable choice. You don’t have to buy a new table after a while just because the ceramics doesn’t look good anymore. Ceramics bravely resists time and nature. Ceramics also serves you with an elegant ease.

That means ceramics is both durable and scratch resistant. How does that work in practice?

You often use your dining table (surprise!) to eat. A hot pan, accidentally scratching the table with your fork, contact with other sharp objects... You know how it goes. Especially with children, the odds are pretty great that your table will have to endure a great deal. As we mentioned earlier, ceramic is fired at an extremely high temperature to make it as strong as possible. People who have seen granite in real life may see similarities with ceramics. That’s why it should come as no surprise that ceramics knows how to handle pans and cutlery. Their blows and hits don’t affect the appearance of your tabletop.

Can I place a ceramic piece of furniture in the garden?

Of course! Ceramics is very strong, which is why it’s more than suitable for making garden tables. We have a number of designs for you to give your garden a boost. However, we would like to say that ceramics isn’t magical. In wintertime, either place your ceramic garden table indoors, or under shelter with an added protective cover as to prevent discolouration.

Marble and ceramics are both durable. What's the best choice?

Marble is a certified interior classic. Fortunately, we also sell marble dining tables at Table du Sud. We get the marble especially from Italy. Are you in doubt between these two materials? Then you should know that ceramics is considerably more user-friendly than marble. They don't differ much in terms of appearance, but they do differ in terms of vulnerability. Ceramics is the clear winner here.

Sustainable customised ceramics. Can you make it?

For sure we can! All our tables come from our own workshop in Heeze in Brabant. Open our 3D configurator and put together your new dream table yourself. After choosing ceramics, you will see the options appear automatically. Did you know, for example, that we have 6 different shapes and more than 15 different colours of ceramics for you? Discover all the options and put together your new dream table! Tip: we also sell suitable maintenance products.

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