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Ieder interieur verdient een boomstamtafel

If you talk wood, you’re basically talking nature. Our tables are made of the most beautiful wood, so our live edge tables really are special. At Table du Sud we sell plenty of tables made of different types of wood, such as oak and walnut. Besides, we produce stone tables made of concrete, Fenix, and marble. The best thing about wood is its natural origins; its knots and cracks are characteristic of the material we are so fascinated with. As for the table’s edges, you can choose one with a sleek finish, but you may also opt for a table with a sloping edge: the live edge table.


An authentic piece of nature

At Table du Sud we love wood. Wood is a material that is not only beautiful, but also highly recyclable and renewable. Hence, the bulk of our furniture is manufactured out of this magnificent material. This means we are a heavyweight user, which calls for responsibility. We endeavour to counter deforestation and only purchase wood from parties with both FSC and PEFC seals. The trees are cut responsibly, with respect for both the trees’ immediate surroundings and nature in general. After the trees are cut, the planks are dried. First, by wind in a covered area, which takes about two months, and secondly in an oven – at eighty degrees Celsius – for another eight months. Then, the planks are transported to the Table du Sud workshop in Heeze, after which we can unleash all our passion to create your beautiful piece of furniture.


How is a live edge table manufactured?

Typical for a live edge table is the sloping edge/form of its tabletop. At Table du Sud we make a distinction between oak live edge tables and Suar live edge tables. The oak we use for our live edge tables originates from France. The thickness of the blade can either be five or six cm. These oak live edge tables are constructed from different planks, which are sanded piece by piece before they are glued to a whole. After this, we finish the table with a live edge. As a result, this beautiful oak-coloured table has its own character. Finally, the table is either treated with our ultra-matte varnish or sprayed into one of twelve available colours. This not only makes for a solid protection against spots and circles but renders the blade maintenance-free.

All tables are unique

Some companies say live edge tables specifically are unique. It is true that no live edge table is the same, but this goes for all our wooden furniture. We deal with a piece of nature with its own DNA; no two tables are the same as its cracks and knots are never found in the same places. As a result, your composition is always unique.  

If you opt for a Suar live edge table, you have the luxury of handpicking your tabletop from those available in our warehouse. These tables are made of tropical wood, originating from Indonesia. At Table du Sud, we always have plenty of Suar tabletops in stock, which you can watch in real-time from your couch. Found a beautiful tabletop? You can either order it online or contact us to reserve the top, so you can come by to see it in person. A Suar live edge top is made from one, solid piece, a substantial slice from a tree. Suar live edge tables are characterised by its deep, full colour, combined with a light edge. These tabletops are available in all kinds of sizes and types. At Table du Sud we not only have rectangular/square Suar live edge tables, but also round versions and even ones in the form of a coffee table!

There are two different finishes available for our Suar live edge table: either a transparent one – in the form of an ultra-matte coating – or the colour brown. The ultra-matte coating protects the table while retaining its natural colour, whereas the brown-coloured coating provides the same protection but unearths the table’s deep, flamed colour. This results in a more intense look.


A robust base for a robust top

One of these beautiful tabletops can’t go without a fitting base. Fortunately, we offer plenty of choice here, too. Using a thick tabletop (6-8 cm) we usually recommend a more robust base compared to, say, a tabletop that’s 5 cm thick. In this case, consider an XX-base (also named a matrix leg) or U-legs at both the table’s end faces. We already completed a preliminary examination for you, which is why you can find all different base and live edge tabletop combinations on our website. If you prefer an industrial look, go with a standard table leg finish and if you prefer a solid, matte colour pick either the black or white powder coating.


How do i take care of my live edge table?

As indicated, our live edge tables are maintenance-free! Do you want to give your table a good scrub? Order our special maintenance agent for lacquered furniture in our web shop.

Measurements of live edge blades

Your live edge blade’s size is for you to decide! Take a quick peek at our supply of live edge tabletops and pick the tabletop you’ve always dreamt about!

Live edge table utilities

Not only is a live edge table the ideal eyecatcher for your interior design, it is perfect either as a dinner table, (temporary) home office table, craft table, but also as that chic conference table your office needs! 

Outside use

That’s right, you’re now able to place your Suar live edge table outside! Our Suar garden tables are treated with a special coating to resist all weather conditions. We also take an extra effort in powder coating the table’s base again to prevent rust.


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