Why is a tree trunk table so special?

Every interior deserves a tree trunk table

If you say wood, you say nature. Our tables are made of the most beautiful wood, and a tree trunk table really allows you to bring something special into your home. At Table du Sud, we sell many different wooden tables, such as oak and walnut tables. In addition, you will find tables made of concrete, Fenix, and marble.

The beauty of wood is that it's really a piece of nature. The knots, the cracks, they're typical of the material that fascinates us all. You can choose to have the edges of the tables neatly finished, but you can also opt for a table with a sloping edge: a tree trunk table.

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A true piece of nature

At Table du Sud we love wood. Wood is a beautiful, recyclable, and renewable material. Most of our furniture is made of this beautiful material. This means that we're a major user of wood and that also entails a responsibility. We make every effort to prevent deforestation and we only purchase wood from parties that have the FSC and PEFC label. The trees are felled responsibly, with respect for nature and the living environment. After the trees have been felled, the planks are dried. The planks are first wind dried in a covered area. This process takes 2 months. They are then dried in an oven for 8 months at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. After this, the planks are transported and arrive at the Table du Sud workshop in Heeze, after which we can start making your furniture with pleasure and passion!


The typical feature of a tree trunk table is the sloping edge/shape of the top. At Table du Sud, a distinction is made between oak tree trunk tables and Suar tree trunk tables. The oak tree trunk tables are made of French oak. You can choose the thickness of the top yourself: 5 or 6 cm. The oak tree trunk tables are assembled from different planks, which are sanded piece by piece and glued into a whole. We then finish the top with a tree trunk edge. The table then both has that beautiful oak colour as well as its authentic character. The table is then treated with our ultra matt lacquer, or sprayed in one of the other 12 colours you can choose from. The table is therefore well protected against circles and stains and is also maintenance-free.

All tables are unique

There are companies that say a tree trunk table is unique. It's true that no tree trunk table is the same, but that actually applies to all our wooden furniture. We're dealing with a piece of nature, with its own DNA, so knots and cracks are all in different places, and the table is always unique, due to your own composition!

When you go for a Suar tree trunk table, you have the advantage that you can choose your tabletop yourself from our warehouse. The tables are made of tropical wood from Indonesia. At Table du Sud, we always have a large stock of Suar tabletops, which you can even view in real time from home! If you come across a beautiful tabletop, you can contact us to reserve it and come and see it later, or order it online! A Suar tree trunk top is made from one piece, so in reality its a real slice of wood from a tree! Suar tree trunk tables are characterised by a deep, full wood colour, combined with a light edge. You will find the tabletops in all shapes and sizes. At Table du Sud, we have elongated/rectangular Suar tree trunk tops, but also round and even coffee table versions!


With Suar tree trunk tables, you can choose from two different finishes: our transparent lacquer layer - the ultra matte lacquer - or the colour brown. The ultra matt lacquer layer protects the table and retains its natural colour. The brown clay provides the same protection but brings out the deep, flamy colour of the tabletop. This makes the colour of the tabletop look more intense.

A robust frame for a robust tabletop 

Such a beautiful tabletop naturally needs a matching frame. There's plenty of choice in that department as well! With a thicktable top of 6-8 cm, we usually recommend a more robust frame than if you opt for an oak tree trunk top of 5 cm. Think of an XX-frame (also called matrix frame) or a U-frame at the head sides. We have already done the preliminary research for you, so you can see an overview of all combinations of tree trunk frames on our website! Choose the standard finish of the table leg for an industrial look and choose the black or white powder coating for a matte solid colour.

How do I maintain my tree trunk table? 

As mentioned, our tree trunk tables are maintenance-free! Do you want to clean the table more intensively? Then order the special maintenance product for lacquered furniture in our webshop.

You determine the size of your tree trunk tabletop all by yourself! Take a quick look at our stock and choose your dream tabletop!

A tree trunk table is a real eye-catcher for your interior. You can use it perfectly as a dining table, (temporary) home work table, craft table, but it also looks super chic as a conference table in the office!

Your tree trunk table outside 
Yes, you read that right! You can now also place your Suar tree trunk table outside! Our Suar garden tables are treated with a special coating, which makes them resistant to weather influences. The frame is also additionally powder coated to prevent rust.

All rectangular tree trunk tables 

What is your favorite?

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