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A list of all available table shapes at Table du Sud

Look for your favourite shape with these tips.

The shape of your tabletop is one of the most important features of your new dining table. Each shape has its advantages and disadvantages, of which there are quite a few in total. As you buy custom work at Table du Sud, we can offer you many different shapes.

But which ones are available, and what are the biggest advantages of each shape? To help you on your way, we have listed all the shapes of our tabletops below. Be inspired and find out which shape suits you and your interior best!

Round dining table

A classic shape, the round dining table is very popular and will remain so for a while. As you know, the knights of the round table already opted for this shape! And guess what? A round table is still a great choice if you're looking for a new dining table.

The biggest advantage of a round table is the ability to look at everyone while eating and/or having a drink. Naturally, this automatically makes for a cosy atmosphere. This way you never have to lean all the way forward/backward to look at someone sitting to your right or left.

In addition, a round table has a functional advantage. As you use the space effectively, a round table would be an ideal choice for a relatively small dining room. You can also always add one or two extra chairs at a round table when you have visitors. If everyone moves up a bit, there will be plenty of space for these people. Cosy and cosier! Check out our round dining tables and all its available materials.



Another classic shape! A robust, large rectangular table completely covers a large space. You can place a lot of people at a rectangular table, which makes it an excellent option for families or if you often have a group of friends over.

Another advantage is that you can easily push a rectangular dining table against the wall, something you can’t easily do with a round table. On the other hand, not everyone can look at each other at a full table. 

In addition, a large rectangular table can easily be arranged for multiple purposes. On the left, for example, the dining area, and on the right a mishmash of different things such as your children's craft supplies, a laptop or something else.



If a rectangular table is too big for you, a square table is an excellent alternative. The big advantage of the square table is that it’s suitable for smaller spaces and that you can easily push it against a wall. This way you can easily adapt to the size of your group.

With a square table you create a cosy dining area in no time. It also has the same advantage as a round/oval table, namely that everyone can look at each other. This makes this dining table suitable for nice dinners, cocktail nights and playing games. Tip: think carefully about the size of the square table. Do you want 1 person a side or 2? Adjust the size accordingly so that you aren’t faced with surprises.

A small disadvantage is that (and this also applies to rectangular tables) children can easily hurt themselves on the corners. Also, adding extra chairs is a bit easier with a round table than with a square table.

Standard oval

Manufacturing oval tables is one of our specialties and our range has already been expanded to four variants. The most famous of these is standard oval, classic in its shape and without any fuss. Its major advantage is that you can accommodate more people than at a round table, as well as that you’re able to fill a larger space more easily.

When composing an oval table, it’s smart to think carefully about the dimensions. Especially considering that the legroom at the front can be a bit scarce in the case of a narrow oval table.

Another big advantage of this table is that there are no sharp corners, so that an oval table fits perfectly in a family with young children. An oval table is actually a stretched round table, which still means you can all look at each other.


Danish oval

One of the hobby horses of the Table du Sud workshop. This shape was created at Table du Sud and has since grown into one of our best-selling shapes for dining tables in record time. This is due to the slightly different design and the advantages that accompany it.

With a Danish oval dining table, the head sides are more or less straight, which means you create two extra seats. This isn’t the case with a normal narrow oval dining table. Danish oval even tends a bit towards a rectangular shape.

A big advantage of this shape is that many people can sit at the table, as well as the absence of any “hard” lines or corners. A beautiful and functional design: that’s Danish oval. Are you curious about half oval and half circle? Then read our blog about the 4 oval shapes


Pebble shape

If you are a fan of organic shapes, the pebble shape will surely make you happy! This natural shape offers an original opportunity to fill your dining room without making compromises regarding the size of the tabletop. The pebble shape is a mix of everything: it breaks the monotony of straight lines, offers space for a relatively large number of people and is truly something different from all those other tables.

Discover the pebble-shaped tables and be inspired by all the possibilities. Do you dare to opt for this striking shape?


General tips

When you're about to decide on a shape for your dining table, make sure you ask yourself the right questions. This way you'll get closer and closer to your ideal shape. Think of questions such as:

How many chairs do I want to add?

How big is the room where I want to put my dining table?

Should the table have corners?

Should the table be able to be pushed against a wall?

What should the minimal length of my table be?

The number of seats at a table is something you may have to think about for a while. Need advice? Read our blog about the
number of chairs at your table. Or chat with us via the website. You can even schedule a video call with one of our showroom employees!

More styles

Weet je niet waar je moet beginnen? Laat je inspireren!

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