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Industrial cabinets

A tidy house and a cool eye-catcher

You know it, there's stuff everywhere in the house. A book here, a frame there, and that one memento of the holiday is now next to the TV.

Meanwhile, you don't know what to do with that boring, empty wall. Do you want to organise your house a little more, but also create more atmosphere? Maybe an open industrial cabinet is something for you!

Organised and tasteful

What's an industrial cabinet, really? An industrial cabinet often has a tough character, with steel and wood being commonly used materials. Industrial cabinets come in different shapes and sizes. At Table du Sud, we are fans of sleek and attractive open cabinets, which are beautiful eye-catchers for your interior.

The nice thing about an open cabinet is that you can, for example, display photo frames and beautiful books in a well-organised manner. Your decoration will come into its own much better and there's less clutter around the house. The industrial open cabinets basically ensure your home is efficiently arranged, without losing sight of those beautiful things.

Design and quality

It's of course very important that the cabinet is beautiful and matches your interior. You also want a piece of furniture that you can enjoy for a long time. That's why we use the same material for our cabinets as for our dining tables, coffee tables, and other furniture. This means the cabinet can perfectly be combined with other Table du Sud furniture.

The wooden cabinets include 14 loose wooden planks. This allows you to rearrange it yourself whenever you want. The wood used in the cabinets can be made in 13 different colours and the steel can also be powder coated in black or white. In short: you can completely match the cabinet to your interior!

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