Industriële kasten

Een opgeruimd huis en een gave eyecatcher

You know the deal, there’s stuff all over the place. A book over here, some photo frame over there, and then there are those lovely holiday souvenirs standing next to the television. At the same time, you have no clue what to do with that one boring, empty wall. So, do you want to tidy up your house while also create a cosy living atmosphere? Perhaps the solution for you is an open industrial closet!


Organised and atmospheric

What is the defining factor of an industrial closet? An industrial closet often has a sturdy character, where materials such as steel and wood are commonly used. They are available in many different types and sizes. At Table du Sud we are a fan of sleek and atmospheric open closets, which could be the eyecatcher of your interior design!

What makes an open closet so great is its capability to display your picture frames and books in an orderly manner. Not only do your decorative items come into its own, they are no longer haphazardly strewn about. The industrial open closets basically ensure you with an ordering efficiency without hiding your beautiful personalia behind planks and walls.

design and quality

Naturally, it is important that your closet is both beautiful and fits your interior design. Besides, it would be great if your furniture stands the test of time. Therefore, we use the same material for our closets as we use for our dinner tables, coffee tables and other furniture. So, the closet may easily be combined with other Table du Sud furniture.

Fourteen loose planks are included with every wooden closet, so you can reclassify your closet whenever you want. The wood we use in these closets is available in thirteen different colours, we even offer the possibility to powder coat the steel parts to either black or white. In short, you can adjust your closet to whatever fits your needs!


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