Table du Sud x Liza Chloë

We are delighted to be able to add Liza Chloë to our now impressive list of collaborations at the end of 2023. Interior stylist Liza Chloë has a passion for vintage and contemporary art.

This in combination with her creativity, together with the craftsmanship of Table du Sud, has resulted in a real eye-catcher.

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Liza Chloë

It seemed predestined that Liza Chloë was going to do 'something' creative. Her parents are avid art and design collectors and you automatically come into contact with special and striking objects. Liza Chloë, in full: Liza Chloë van Duyn, came into contact with striking attributes at an early age and it is therefore not surprising that her passion has to do with this.

As an interior stylist, Liza Chloë from Amsterdam succeeds time and again in meeting the wishes of customers without losing sight of her own style. This style is described by Liza Chloë herself as mid-century, sober & graphic, where the term mid-century stands out. By mid-century we mean the period from roughly the late 1940s to the mid-1970s. It should also be mentioned that Liza Chloë's passion for vintage and contemporary art always manages to find a way into her work. In short, you can always expect a subtle look into the past!

The collaboration At Table du Sud we are always looking for creative minds who achieve an extremely high level with our professionals. In the past, we have achieved wonderful collaborations with Art in Return and Studio Verbaan.

Get to know the sidetable

This side table is made entirely of oak and stands out because of a combination of straight and curved lines. The slim connection between the table top and the stand is also made of oak and gives the whole a striking touch. In short, a piece of furniture with striking, distinct lines. According to Liza Chloë, with this piece of furniture you choose an ode to the love of shapes, graphic elements and a number of her inspirations.

It is nice to see that Liza Chloë designed this side table based on her own wishes and now wants to share it with the rest of the Netherlands. “For our entrance I wanted a very specific wooden console table. One that you don't often encounter and that is special because of its unique shapes. A real eye-catcher for our hall.”

These are the specifications of the furniture:

Material: New oak
Table top length: 100 or 120 cm
Width table top: 25 cm
Table top height: 4 cm
Distance between base and table top: 4cm
Color block between table top and base: Black smoke intense (or deep black in the case of a deep black piece of furniture)

Base length: 40 cm
Base width: 10 cm
Base height: 85 or 95 cm
Width circles: 15 cm

From idea to design

This is how a collab collection is made.


We're live

Our newest designer side table is finally live! Once again we are proud of this great collaboration.



Looking for inspiration, the first sketches, second versions and more... The design is continuously optimized based on feedback.


Digital 3D

A first look at what the furniture will look like in real life. How cool!


Product files

After final approval, the first drawings are created in the machines and discussed with the Table du Sud crew so that everyone can get started.



Seeing, feeling and experiencing it for the first time. A few adjustments will be made based on the prototype, after which it will finally be finished.

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