Table du Sud x Studio Verbaan

A unique design by a Rotterdam design duo.

Table du Sud likes to work with creative innovators. This time is no different! Meet: Studio Verbaan.

Studio Verbaan was founded in 2019 in Rotterdam by Solange Frankort and Jordi Verbaan. Studio Verbaan's products do not fall into one category. It is not furniture or art, you decide what the function/place of the item is.

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Studio Verbaan

After working individually for a while, Jordi and Solange decided to join forces to see what they can achieve together. Jordi’s strength as an artisan woodworker matches well with Solange, who we can best describe as a conceptual artist. Studio Verbaan is born! 

The products often have a minimalist look and high-quality materials are always used. This is reflected, for example, in the duo's "Minimal Marquetry Collection". 

Studio Verbaan also works, just like Table du Sud, on order. This means that no large stock is kept or that there is overproduction, which contributes to the sustainability of the concept.  

The collaboration

Studio Verbaan's style is characterized by simplicity and a recognizable interplay of lines and that is exactly what forms the basis for the tables that were made in collaboration.  

“During our first meeting, we immediately fell for certain objects by Studio Verbaan, which ultimately formed the basis for the design of the tables.” 

The collection consists of two dining tables; a semi-oval and a semi-round, also called drop-shaped. The elegance of the shape of the top is combined with a qonic and open central base, which gives the collection a chic and modern look.  

Meet the tables

The collection consists of two dining tables, each with its own characteristic shape, which is based on the lines and shapes of the art of Studio Verbaan. The tables are made of French oak, available with different options, colours and sizes so that the tables can be tailored exactly to personal wishes.


Table du Sud x Studio Verbaan dining table I

Dimensions: 200 x 90 cm to 300 x 100 cm (various sizes possible)

Thickness: default 4 cm

Price: from €2125,-


Table du Sud x Studio Verbaan dining table II

Dimensions: 120 x 120, 130 x 130 or 140 x 140 cm

Price: from €2045,-

From design to end result

This is how we do it.

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