Table du Sud x Art in Return

Where craftmanship and design meet.

In everything Table du Sud does, quality, design, customization, user-friendliness, but also sustainability are the main pillars.

Art initiative Art in Return shares these core values, resulting in a perfect collaboration, resulting in a beautiful series of tables made from residual products.

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Craftmanship and design

With the thought; I create to live with a full heart and not a full pocket the Art in Return concept was born in which, as the name implies, works of art are exchanged for almost everything that is inspiring, beautiful or fun in the life. When interior brand Table du Sud comes along with the request to design a table based on the shapes from the Art in Return artworks, there is an immediate match.

The Table du Sud x Art in Return series consists of a dining and coffee table with round shapes and special table legs that match the special artwork in 'return' has been created. In addition, there is a 'return' for the environment by using residual materials, but also by planting a tree for every three tables sold in order to preserve a sustainable environment.

Table collection

The table series consists of a dining table and coffee table and comes in two colors Deep black and Ultra matte lacquer. The tables are made of French oak, available in different options, so that the table can be tailored exactly to personal wishes.


Table du Sud x Art in Return Dining table

Dimensions: 200 x 100 cm to 300 x 130 cm (different sizes possible)

Thickness: standard 4cm

Price: from €2100,-


Table du Sud x Art in Return Dining table

Dimensions: diameter 50 or 70 cm

Price: from €595,-

Design to production

This is how we do it.


We're live

The collection can be ordered online and in our showrooms! We hope you are as excited about the collection as we are.



During the first acquaintance with Annemieke, there is immediately an enthusiastic brainstorm going on about possible designs and solutions. During the tour, Annemieke falls in love with the residual shapes in the Table du Sud workshop..



The shapes and lines of the Art in Return artworks were translated into a table top and base.


Mini me

Mini me! Several options were worked out in cardboard to get a good idea of the design.


Digital 3D

The selected designs are then drawn in 3D, adding details such as a facet edge and a round edge, and optimizing proportions.


Product files

Almost there! To ensure that the shapes of the table are milled correctly, computer drawings are made for the CNC machine.



A first real look at the design. Is he as we expected? Is the construction strong enough?



Camera.. Set.. Action!

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