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Eindhoven - House

Furniture that fits you.

Did you know that Table du Sud offers more than just dining tables? At least these customers do! For various pieces of furniture they opted for production by Table du Sud, custom made of course!

If you have the space for a large dining table, why not get a table that seats many people? The owners of this villa in Eindhoven thought so, too. They chose a 300 x 90 cm Montpellier Mozy. This allows 8 people to eat at the table and occasionally someone can sit at the head of the table. Because Table du Sud doensn't only do standard widths, the customer determined the correct dimensions himself. As a result, despite the narrow passage, they can easily pass the table.

The leather Goof chairs give the dining set a modern look.

If we take a look at the living room, we spot the cognac-coloured Vicq sofa, consisting of different modules. Here, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a nice tv-series. The latter is a lot more pleasant with this custom tv cabinet. It's made of the same wood as the dining table.

The Pistachio-coloured Danichi chair is a real eye-catcher in the living room. It makes the overall picture modern and... it's peak comfort! 

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