Local production

No mass production in a distant country, but custom made in Heeze, Brabant.

A piece of furniture directly from the Netherlands, bought directly from the source. Feels good right? We think so too. In addition to giving you piece of mind, it's also a lot better for the environment. Table du Sud is located in Heeze in Brabant, where we also make most of our furniture ourselves, with our own hands. 

 This allows us to be transparent and tell you as much as possible about our production process, materials and the team that makes this all possible. Moreover, our furniture does not have to travel the world to arrive at your home. We also do that ourselves, with our own deliverers.

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We can and love to tell you as much as possible about our workshop and how we make our products. It also makes our own heart beat faster. This way you know where your furniture comes from and at the end of the ride you have just as much passion for our furniture as we do.

Want to know how our furniture is made?

How it's made


Our enthusiastic team is essential to be able to deliver our furniture to your home. From our office to the workshop and deliverers, they are all equally important to this process. We are therefore very proud of this beautiful team, where we take into account gender distribution, ethnic representation and working conditions.

Would you like to meet our amazing team?

Team Table du Sud

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