Everything you need to know about your leather furniture

There are many different types of leather. Each with its own appearance and other properties and specific maintenance tips.

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Closed leather / covered leather

Covered leather is the easiest to maintain. This is because the paint used with these leathers seals the leather. As a result, the leather has a dense structure and dirt cannot or can hardly penetrate it. Because it is dense in structure, it often feels a bit colder and harder.

Sanded leather / full aline leather

Open leather is just the opposite of covered leather. The leather is open and liquids are absorbed quickly. This ensures that the leather quickly gets a lived-in look. The advantage of open leather is that it has a natural look and that it feels warm and soft. The open leather can possibly be protected with a protection spray, but will never offer complete protection against liquids.

Buffalo leather / Hand polished leather

Buffalo leather is a tough and robust leather which is made from the skins of water buffalo. These water buffalo are hairier than normal cows, so the capillaries are clearly visible when the leather is stretched. This leather is polished by hand. After a few years, the white undertone of the leather can become more visible in some places, this is inherent to this leather.


If water or other liquids spill or spill on the leather, you should blot up the liquid as soon as possible. Do not rub the spilled liquid, because then you will press it into the leather! And you will get spots.

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