Which table matches well with a herringbone floor?

Discover the perfect match in this extensive blog

Do you have/want a herringbone floor and aren’t too sure which furniture is the best match? Good news! In this blog, we take a closer look at this topic and invite you into the world of herringbone floors, matching furniture, colours, and accessories.

The herringbone floor is becoming increasingly popular, so it’s a bonus if you use these tips to make your floor shine even more!

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Perfect colour

In every room you have to deal with multiple colours. The art of this, of course, lies in coordinating them perfectly so that a beautiful whole is created. In the case of a herringbone or Hungarian point floor, we’re almost always talking about a typical wood colour.

If we zoom in on the best colour match for this pattern, we find black among others. Black is naturally a solid match with herringbone and black also has the advantage of being a commonly used colour in the furniture world. In Table du Sud’s range, you’ll quickly notice that almost all tables are for sale in black, which means you can choose from an incredible number of options. Would you like to know what we can make for you? Then take a look at our black tables. Extra tip: when composing a table, you can always choose between several colours, including black.

Accessories etcetera

A black table traditionally combines well with a herringbone floor, but filling the entire dining room or kitchen with black might be a bit of an exaggeration. If we look at the rest of the interior, we see that white, the natural counterpart of black, works well as a colour for the walls, for example.

In terms of accessories, it’s nice to vary between white and black. Do you want something more striking? Then opt for some golden elements in your room. This seems to be a strange choice at first, but in practice you’ll see that this colour matches well with the rest!

Living styles

Are you planning to completely restyle your dining room? Or is there a move on the horizon and you can't wait to set up your new kitchen? Then the different living styles form a good starting point for your search for the best combination of furniture and accessories. If we take your herringbone floor as a basis, we quickly see that you aren’t tied to one living style. That’s good news!

Above, we already mentioned a herringbone floor in combination with black and white, so it won’t surprise you that the industrial living style fits well with this whole. For example, combine your floor with robust black doors and enjoy the result.

So, industrial seems to be the perfect match for herringbone, but don't forget the rural and classical romantic styles. Herringbone finds its way into many different styles and by using the right materials and colours you quickly succeed in creating a surprising and beautiful whole. Are you looking for additional inspiration? Then check out our living styles. On this page we have collected the most popular styles for you.

Living room

Of course, your herringbone floor isn’t only to be found in the kitchen/dining room, but also in the living room. Did you know that we also have everything relevant to the living room for you at Table du Sud? This way you kill several birds with one stone! Even if you’re going to renovate the entire ground floor, we have everything you need to make that possible. As you may know, we always deliver custom work, which means you get to choose from an incredible number of different materials and colours.

These pieces of furniture can also be perfectly matched with your herringbone floor. Of course, we’re talking about coffee tables, side tables and tv furniture here. And did you know we also have sofas available in all shapes and sizes? Also good to know: Utrecht | Living has been open since 22 April. This is a new section in our showroom in Utrecht, where we display various combinations of furniture in a living room setting. Well worth a visit! Come by and be inspired. Our experts are ready for you!

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