Table’s Choice: our own fabrics

Every once in a while we come across a fabric that makes us say: this one has it all. These kind of fabrics appeal to us in terms of quality, appearance, and sustainability.

Now we have come up with the idea of bundling these fabrics in order to display them in our showrooms. In this blog we'll tell you more about Table's Choice!

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More than 300 proprietary fabrics

We understand very well that choosing the fabric for your chair or sofa can create choice stress. You have a huge number of fabric options in general, let alone the incredible number of colours. That's why we have created a collection consisting of just over 300 fabrics. We have collected these substances per type of substance in so-called waterfalls. Think of clothes hangers with about 15 to 25 added fabrics, all in different colours.

We have collected these waterfalls for you and hung them on a handy trolley. You can grab these carts yourself before you start exploring the showroom. Of course, our experts are always ready to help you out, but it's also nice to have the opportunity to walk around with all the available fabrics within reach. Found a nice sofa in a fabric that doesn't immediately get you excited? No problem! You grab the most beautiful colour waterfall nearby and immediately discover what the sofa can also look like. Good to know: we have placed no less than 14 of these carts for you in our largest showroom in Utrecht. That way you just can't miss! Naturally, these carts are also available in our showrooms in Heeze, Rotterdam and Deventer. Always try to think in possibilities! Our corner sofas, U-shaped sofas, 3-seater sofaszitsbanken and so on are available in all possible configurations.

Our own line: why?

With so many options in store, why did we choose to create our own line? Well, as you know, we always opt for quality at Table du Sud, and we also enjoyed mapping out which fabrics really get us going, now we're just curious about you! Besides, the fabrics we have selected excel in several areas:

First off, it's a full collection when it comes to colour. Within the collection of fabrics you'll find colours close to black, but also fabrics that tend to white (and of course everything in between!) In terms of colour fastness, all our fabrics have an excellent score. Of course, we cannot promise that these fabrics will not discolour slightly after exposure to a lot of sunlight, but any discolouration will be minimal.


Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. As Table du Sud, we're happy to contribute in any way we can. Within our Table's Choice you'll find fabrics that are 100% recyclable, made with the environment in mind. Do you want to keep your environmental footprint as small as possible? Then discover our trolleys with fabric samples in our showrooms. Fabrics with a green label are ecological and therefore sustainable. This way, you ensure a minimal impact on the environment with your purchase! In addition, it's good to know that our material lasts a long time, which is another sustainable feature. You don't have to buy a new piece of furniture every few years. Did you know that we sell suitable maintenance products for all materials? This is how you keep your asset in tip-top shape!

Interior advice and showroom visit

Still in the orientation phase? Then it's smart to visit one of our showrooms in Heeze, Rotterdam, Utrecht, or Deventer. You'll find the opening hours on the pages of these showrooms. It's good to know that you don't need to make an appointment. The doors are open and our experts ready! Are you planning to furnish a complete living room after moving, or are you thinking about a makeover? Then it can be smart to schedule an interior consultation yourself. We would like to tell you more about this in our blog about interior advice.

Ordering fabric samples

Did you know that you can also order a number of fabric samples at Table du Sud in a jiffy? This way you can see, feel, and discover whether a certain fabric matches your taste and interior from the comfort of your own home. We have an incredible amount of materials and colours in stock for you. Go to our fabric samples page and discover which fabrics you can get at home. You only pay €2.50 per fabric. We send them in a nice envelope that fits through your letterbox, so you don't have to be at home to receive the package. 

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Everything about sustainability

Discover what we do about sustainability at Table du Sud

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