We love black

One of the most timeless colours of all.

A suitable interior has never been more important than it is now. We are all at home and now that the holidays are almost upon us, everyone wants to bring that extra bit of atmosphere into their home. In essence, a (black) Table du Sud dining table does not need much to style it, but here are some nice tips anyway!


play with height and contrast

When you combine light and contrasting items with a black tabletop you automatically draw the attention to your dining table. In a modern and sleek interior, one item might already be enough to give your dining table that defining factor. For example, think of a lovely large vase filled with grasses, twigs, or branches and play with their height.

Another idea might be to put one of your beautiful photo albums on a book stand (as you can see on this picture).

Talking about playing with height – what about twisted candles? These cheerful, curled candles – they’re really hip at the moment – bestow a playful twist upon your interior’s atmosphere. It’s almost a waste to light them!


different materials

All our tables consist of two compartments: a tabletop and a base. For example, when you want a black table, you can pick an oaken one that’s fully black or you can choose for a combination of different materials. For instance, think of the combination between a black powder-coated base and wood – but don’t forget black marble or even Fenix tops!

As is the case with our various table materials, your entire interior can be transformed into a beautiful ensemble, too. If you would like to apply more darker shades, like black, you could try changing up the materials and textures! This way you’re able to create a truly atmospheric space.

a table always well-set

And, last but not least, the tableware! Why would you only put down that beautiful tableware of yours when you’re about to eat? Set the table after you’ve finished dining so you can always enjoy your lovely tableware!

PS: do look out for all that burning-hot candle wax!


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