Table legs

Voor ieder tafelblad een geschikt onderstel

So many tables, so many bases. At Table du Sud we offer plenty of choice, as almost all tabletops can be combined with a wide array of bases. Now the question remains: which base suits your space, desires, and table best?


The eyecatcher

One of the most famous bases is our XX-leg, also named matrix leg or spider leg. The nice thing about this base is its convenience of adding chairs around the entire table without experiencing a seating hindrance. The leg is widely applicable, for instance, it is easily placed beneath rectangular, round, square AND oval tables! Moreover, the base is a beauty on its own, it is a real eyecatcher! Other bases that are centrally placed are V-legs, the Gap, and O-legs. 


Nice and spacious

The opposite of a central base is the placement of legs on both end faces of the table. These types of bases are usually spacious with an open look. Moreover, it is great to have plenty of room for your feet! Some examples include a Mozy base – as shown on the image above – but also consider a sturdy looking U-leg.


Traditional but roomy

A base with four loose legs might be the most traditional one. However, we would not be Table du Sud without a taste of our own flavour! For example, we offer Scandinavian wooden legs that lean outwards a bit, such as the displayed Ferdinand base. We also offer steel bases, such as the Sept base or the more subtle Xavier leg. 

Comfort and design

A base that connects various needs is one of our bestsellers: Felix. The advantages of Felix are obvious: a) there is plenty of space around your feet b) you can place chairs around the entirety of the table, even on the end faces c) its design is super slick d) besides its solidity, Felix can be placed beneath both rectangular and oval tables.

If you want more information about our bases, please take a look in one of our showrooms, where we’re happy to provide you with appropriate advice.


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