Christmas decoration #1

Zo ziet jouw eettafel er tijdens de feestdagen feestelijk uit

Christmas is the time of year to have a lovely time with your family, THE occasion for a nice long meal around a beautiful table! If you possess one of our tables, you’re already close to bringing your meals to a success, but we are happy to provide you with decorative ideas for your Christmas table! Both here and in our blog decorate your Christmas table volume #2 we offer five different decorative styles to inspire you!



A luxurious end

Naturally, we end the year in style, so don’t hold back and pick a luxurious style. For instance, combine black tableware with gold-coloured cutlery. As to drinks, we opt for a large decanter of whisky along with matching glasses. Don’t forget those beautiful champagne glasses, because we love bubbles! Wrap up the table’s style with golden tea lights, golden baubles, and some pine branches.

smoky table

All our tables are warm and authentic, but with the oval herringbone dining table Posa you truly bring something special to your home. The herringbone tabletop consists out of 18-centimetre-wide oak planks that can be treated in whatever colour you desire. If you pick one of the darker colours, such as black smoke intense, your table receives a chic appearance. For the cherry on top, the table is framed in a black metal band. All of these are high-end details that contribute to your luxurious Christmas table. 


Classic and timeless

The classic red-and-green Christmas table never goes out of style. The “good” silverware is dusted off, the white carpet is unrolled, and the crystal wine glasses are taken out of the closet. Don’t forget to quickly hop by the florist for some lovely pine branches and be sure to spread them out while leaving just enough space for all the plates with food and the bottles of red wine. Time to light your candles and let the party begin! Regarding the classic table, we have opted for a walnut table. This type of wood has a timeless character with just that little bit of extra allure. The walnut’s warm colours fit perfectly with red baubles, but this table will brighten your kitchen regardless of the season.


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