Combineer een mooie tafel met bijpassende decoratie

It’s almost Easter! Unfortunately, these circumstances may not allow a company as big as before, but that could just be the reason to take some extra effort in making the house as cosy as can be!

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Calm and bright

As your house differs from your sister’s, so too can Easter tables differ. First you adjust your dinner table to your kitchen and/or dining room and then you adjust your table’s decoration; everything is connected.

This spring we have seen a lot of austere colours. You can easily use these colours for a Scandinavian twist by primarily holding on to monochrome, but you can also choose to brighten up your table with soft hues like mint, lilac, or pink. Also, don’t forget Easter’s most important colour: yellow!

You can combine this decorative style with almost every type of table. A rectangular table made of lived oak, for instance, makes a room warmer while still retaining a modern look due to its eight-degree, slightly angular base.


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Due to these current measures we are home more often and simply have more time to kill. So, it may be a lot of fun to create your own decoration, either by yourself or with the help of your children. Look at this picture of paper-cut bunnies, for instance!

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Black = warm

Black is quite literally a warm colour, as it absorbs the warmth of light instead of reverberating it. Of course, we have known for a while that instead of adding to a chilly home environment, black actually makes it warmer. Even during Easter, a black table is a great pick. Try combining a dinner table with natural colours and black accessories to achieve that luxurious look and feel. Green highlights, in the form of plants, can be a good addition for your room to truly exude spring. The example below is by Therese Knutsen.

An oval table is ideal for a traditional Easter breakfast; everyone is seated a bit closer to one another, so you naturally get more interaction. This is even more the case when you have a round table, and a nice, practical extra is that everybody can easily reach all those goods you have displayed.

We wish everyone a happy Easter!


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