The nicest Instagram accounts to follow

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Due to the current circumstances, we all have more spare time than we’re used to. If you’re looking for some extra inspiration/entertainment, we’ve got you covered!


Blogs, magazines, or just some fun pictures on Instagram, inspiration takes many different forms. We have made a list of our personal favourites. Want a closer look?


The best interior design accounts

The one may be more internationally focused than the other, but they have one common characteristic: they offer plenty of inspiration for your home!

est living
Okay, these houses may be a teeny bit bigger than your regular, semi-detached house, but this online interior design platform, situated in Australia, truly offers some amazing projects and pictures!

This lady lives in one of the quaintest houses in the Netherlands, from which she shares pictures of her house, garden, and personal inspirations.

Another Australian-based platform, with both beautiful and sometimes very cute pictures (see photo on the left). 


The Balcony Garden
Let’s remain in Australia for a while, for all that’s far away is interesting, right? At The Balcony Garden you may find some amazing inspiration for your garden, but most of all, and you must’ve guessed it, for your balcony (top picture is from The Balcony Garden).

Mon Palmer
A well-known architect, she also published a beautiful book: Slightly Garden Obsessed.

Browse and smile 

Bartsboekje ‘Bart’s little book’
Not only relevant because she has outfitted her house with some beautiful Table du Sud tables, but because we think her city guides and tips are the absolute best.

Jesse Laport
If you like small texts and one-liners, definitely go have some fun at this account. Now perk off! (kek)

Did you know Cinetree is free of charge now? An amazing initiative! This account even features a daily movie tip.

Classybadassery advertises itself with its terrific retro snapshots.


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