The ideal desk height

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Most people work from home right now. Of course, good posture is important to prevent health complaints. But is there really an ideal desk height?


The ideal desk height

Yes, there is an ideal desk height. However, this differs between people, so there’s no general standard. Sometimes you’ll find a chart in which your body length is linked to desk height. For instance, if you’re 1m80 tall, this chart advises you to adjust your desk height to 74cm in height. However, the ideal posture is not only dependable on your table height; there are more factors that play a part.


Good posture

Choose a chair where your feet are firmly on the floor and your lower and upper leg are at a 90-degree angle. Make sure that the backrest fits nicely with your back and pay particular attention to the lower part of your back.


Adjusting your desk height

If your seating is alright, you can measure your desk’s ideal height. Using a chair with an armrest? Then it is important to take the armrest’s height into consideration as well. The armrest should approximately have the same height as your desk/table. While adjusting the height of your table/desk, make sure it is not too high. This will will result in the lifting of your shoulders, which may in its turn result in neck and back aches.

If you frequently change shoes and/or your heel height, it is important to adjust your desk chair wearing your highest shoes/heels. Then, if you wear sneakers, you can easily compensate for the height difference by using a footrest.


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