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A rural sofa is the cherry on top of your rural living style. At Table du Sud we offer sofas in all shapes and sizes, as well as in different living styles. Are you looking for a rural sofa, or are you curious about what rural sofas exactly are? Then you’re on the right page! We have listed all relevant information below. Be inspired and maybe you’ll discover your new dream sofa!


What is a rural sofa?


If you’re looking for a new sofa, you may come across the term rural sofa here and there. But what exactly is that and what are the specific characteristics of such a sofa? To properly map this out, it’s smart to take a look at the rural living style in its entirety. This style is known for natural tones such as grey, brown, and taupe. In addition, dark green and dark blue are colours that you may encounter in rural interiors.


If we extend this to the world of sofas, you immediately see opportunities to make your sofa “rural-proof” by choosing the right colour. Are you planning to go for a rural living style? Then opt for natural colours and materials. Think of various natural fabrics such as cotton, but also linen and wood. Terms that describe the rural living style are rustic, warm, and relaxed.


Types of rural sofas


Good to know: the images of our sofas give a good indication of the possibilities, but in fact they merely show the tip of the iceberg. Each sofa is available in different materials, sizes, and colours. You are the director of your own rural sofa and you compose it yourself. We have different types of rural sofas in store for you.


Rural corner sofa


With a rural corner sofa you opt for efficiency. You can strategically place its corner in such a way that you make optimal use of the space in your living room. Of course, we are outfitted with all the rural colours so you can match your new sofa well with the rest of your interior.


Rural U-shaped sofa


A rural U-shaped sofa is large enough for you to curl up with the whole family. A U-shaped sofa fills the living room and largely determines its appearance.


Rural 2-, 3- and 4-seaters


You can also contact us for more compact rural sofas. Select your favourite sofa and discover what’s possible in terms of dimensions and materials. Whether it's a relatively small 2-seater or a large 4-seater: you've come to the right place at Table du Sud!


Different materials


Have you found a design that immediately makes you happy? Then the first step to your new rural sofa is complete. Now it’s time to delve into the material of your new acquisition. At Table du Sud we offer you an incredible number of options when it comes to materials. Are you planning to buy a rural leather sofa? You can! In our collection you’ll find different types of leather and (of course) in the most diverse colours. On the leather sofas page you will find more information about our leather types.


Of course we also have rural sofas in all possible fabrics for you. From velvet to the somewhat harder fabrics: Table du Sud has it all! Visit one of our showrooms and be inspired by all the fabrics. Tip: do you want to see and feel which fabric suits you from the comfort of your own home? Then order our materials chart


Choose your colour


As you have read, there are several colours that work in a country living style. Choosing the colour for your new rural sofa is not a simple task. So what should you pay attention to before you cut the cord? To start with, it’s smart to imagine the sofa as a whole in front of you. Does the colour you have in mind match the rest? If that’s the case, the balance is good.


In addition, light plays an incredibly important role. Will you place your new country sofa in a living room where sunlight has free rein, especially during the day? In that case, a dark grey sofa can suddenly look a lot lighter. It also works the other way around, naturally. A light grey sofa will appear a lot darker in low light.




The rural living style is a good foundation if you’re looking for a new sofa. We’ve listed all other living styles for you. Take a look online and discover all the different properties of these styles. Maybe you'll get some great ideas, or discover a new style that really suits you!


Frequently asked questions about our rural sofas


What is the delivery time of a rural sofa?

You’ll find the delivery time on the page of your favourite sofa. These delivery times are updated weekly if the situation changes. This way you always know where you stand.


I found a nice sofa. Is it also available in a different colour or material?

Yes, of course. At Table du Sud you compose your sofa yourself. So you can choose from a number of sizes, materials, and many different colours. Your preferences ultimately form your new rural sofa.


What are the delivery costs of a rural sofa?

Delivery on the ground floor is free if your order value exceeds €250.-. Take a look at our delivery page for any additional delivery costs.


Can I see the rural sofa in real life?

You’ll find a part of our collection in our showrooms. In addition, our employees are ready to introduce you to all possible materials and colours. Visit Heeze (near Eindhoven), Utrecht (in The Wall on the A2) or Deventer and be inspired. You don’t need to make an appointment for a visit.


Do you also sell matching coffee tables and side tables?

Yes! Table du Sud is the right place for all living room furniture. Check out our coffee tables, occasional tables, side tables and TV furniture.


Do you also sell leather rural sofas?

We have different materials in store for you, including leather. Almost all our sofas are available in different types of leather.


Do I have to make a down payment?

For online purchases we ask for a deposit of 10% of the purchase amount.


Can I still adjust the specifications after submitting it?

Unfortunately, this is not possible because we provide customisation.


Do I get a warranty on my corner sofa?

Yes, of course! Table du Sud furniture comes with a 12-month warranty. Want to know more? You’ll find all the information on our warranty page.

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